Review: “Died Suddenly” goes Malthusian on Covid Jabs

2022 has brought the rise of the phrase “Died Suddenly” which became the subject to countless clickbait articles describing the unexpected deaths of numerous individuals who were well below life expectancy, with those younger receiving more scrutiny than those in older age brackets. The more articles seen on athletes keeling over in sports along with […]

Writing The Frankfurt Declaration: An Interview With Steven Lloyd Earlier this month a group of pastors drafted the Frankfurt Declaration as a repudiation of Branch Covidianism and attempts by the government to dislodge Christ as head of the church. Many pastors from around the globe were part of the initial signing, but three men were tasked with writing the document. Yesterday, I sat […]

Two Years To Slow The Spread, Too Few Lessons Learned It’s been two years since America lost it’s collective mind, pretending it knew nothing of the virus they created in China. Most children growing up in the United States lost two years of their childhood to theatricality and deception. Many businesses never recovered from the tyrannical measures gleefully taken from government officials. From governors […]

Francis Collins and Russell Moore: Evil Revealed In Leaked Audio Francis Collins could be the wicked man that brings down much of Big Eva’s credibility. In leaked audio obtained by the Daily Wire, Francis Collins and Russell Moore speak freely in front of an extremely liberal audience, saying what they would not say or have not said so boldly before. Megan Basham’s article details […]

God Smote Thy Branch Covidian, Heather McDonald It’s not often we see a providential act of God after someone misuses the name of Jesus, but Heather McDonald would be a rare and impactful example of someone being brought down after committing such hubris. Heather McDonald during a comedy show bragged about how jabbed she was on stage and then said, “Jesus […]

Fully Jabbed Russell Moore Catches COVID Again! The world’s most renown hobbit theologian, Russell Moore has tested positive for COVID again, despite being fully jabbed. This would be Moore’s second breakthrough case. Russell Moore has been a passionate supporter of Branch Covidianism over the last two years. So for him to catch it yet again is hilarious. The comment section argues (ironically) that […]