Ed Litton Rewards His Biggest Simp!

https://youtu.be/_IDCzQXOFqg On Valentine’s Day, sometimes being a simp has its reward. In this instance, Bart Barber has been made chair of the Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is best known the only simp who argued that Ed Litton’s serial sermon plagiarizing was not a sin so boldly online. Previously his standing in […]

Arkansas Church Leaves Southern Baptist Convention

The establishment of a strong liberal majority at SBC21 has caused many churches to reconcile with the fact that the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 is not happening and likely never will. Thus many churches have abandoned ship. The latest high profile church to do so is Houston Baptist Church in Arkansas, a small church in a […]

Why James Merritt’s resignation from SEBTS is a tactical victory

Late last week, James Merritt endorsed the preaching of his homosexual son, Jonathan Merritt, at a mainline church in New York. The preaching that James Merritt called “brilliant and faithful to the gospel and the second coming” was trite, new-age, and contained a false gospel. Ultimately it was announced , on Twitter, that James Merritt […]

Why James Merritt is a villain

https://youtu.be/Ni6B6mmnJ4g The former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, James Merritt has become a high level enforcer for the liberal drift of the SBC. At the annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, James Merritt played a key role in forwarding resolutions which undermined the once theologically conservative denomination. This included a resolution that affirmed the […]