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Jeff Durbin, James White Own Brandan Robertson in Debate On Homosexuality

In December, Sean McDowell entertained “progressive Christian” TikToker Brandan Robertson on his channel, that while disagreeing with Robertson’s views and theology, McDowell gave too much credence to Robertson’s apostacy. On March 9th, Jeff Durbin and James White of Apologia studios debuted their conversation with Robertson at Apologia Studio where they debated his interpretations of Scripture. […]

Christian Leaders Repudiate Branch Covidianism With Frankfurt Declaration It can be easily said that over the last two and a half years, the church has failed miserably in its response to lockdowns. Instead of telling the truth, the church capitulated to, if not, enthusiastically promoted the lies. It has unfortunately been the less theologically robust camps that defied government tyranny. John MacArthur […]

DarkLinks 21: Apologia Recording Scandal

This edition of DarkLinks, we will cover something we overlooked, and that is the Apologia Recording Scandal. This scandal was passed over in large part because we took the time to wait and assess the situation before taking a side on the issue. But now it seems clear that this was a gross violation of […]