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Glenn Beck Preached False Mormon Gospel At Jason Whitlock’s Christian Men’s Conference Last month, Jason Whitlock was embroiled in controversy over inviting a Mormon, Glenn Beck to speak at his Christian Men’s conference, Roll Call. Jason Whitlock defended inviting Glenn Beck to Roll Call stating that Glenn Beck was speaking on history and further claimed that Beck is the best in media on history, even though […]

Jason Whitlock Defends Inviting Glenn Beck To Christian Men’s Conference Jason Whitlock is a Christian podcaster at Blaze TV, the host of the show Fearless. He actively wears his faith on his sleeve and acknowledges his previous sinful lifestyle. Last year he hosted his first ever Roll Call, a Christian men’s conference. However, this year, the conference is controversial due to its inclusion of […]

Is Conservative Inc. Lying About Saving Babies? For several years the pro-life movement has been hampered by ineffective strategy and subversion. The most pressing of which has been the avoidance of arguing for equal protection for the unborn and the embrace of the “second victim” narrative that is driven by feminism. Similarly, pro-lifers are inundated with advertising for ultrasound ministries that […]

Conservative Inc. Declares “Christ is King” Antisemitic

Conservative Inc. must have gotten The Call. Because in a matter of days, tweets have gone out from various pundits regarding the slogan “Christ is King” or “Jesus is King.” And all of a sudden, many in Conservative Inc are spouting off ADL talking points in claiming that these slogans are antisemitic. Whether this is […]

Conservative Inc.’s Overton Window Shift On MLK Charlie Kirk has generally been a good barometer on Conservative Inc. This has been the case ever since his college events were subjected to trolls asking how buttsex is conservative back in 2018-2019. Many of those clips resurfaced last year. Although renowned for being a Zionist, Charlie Kirk has seemingly deviated from this vein […]

Bryson Gray’s Reclaim The Rainbow #3 On iTunes

Bryson Gray is perhaps the most based rapper alive. He is a frequent contributor to Fearless with Jason Whitlock on BlazeTV. Bryson Gray started out as a twerk rapper who grew into making Christian rap songs which have very well done gospel presentations. His latest single “Reclaim The Rainbow” is a joint effort with Shemeka […]

Richard Land vs Jason Whitlock: A Biblical Response to Tyre Nichols

The legacy of Richard Land is one of liberal drift in the Southern Baptist Convention. As head of the ERLC, Land has for years expressed unbiblical beliefs on abortion, in which he advised a couple to have one for a dubious “medical emergency,” and homosexuality, in which he stated that sodomy should not be criminalized […]

Christian Post Blames Men For Transgenderism, Defends Feminism

The Christian Post presupposes that it has been men silent in the rise of transgenderism, yet history has repeatedly shown that women are more inclined to accept and promote transgenderism. And yet when men call out the very women who gave rise to transgenderism, Kaeley Harms of the Christian Post takes great butthurt at their […]