Jen Hatmaker and the Liberal Dilemma Jen Hatmaker has been low hanging fruit for a number of years now, but she is the perfect embodiment for what I call the Liberal Dilemma. The Liberal Dilemma is a phenomenon born from memes that perfectly describes how liberals and feminist view children. The agenda that the left has directed upon children is […]

Did Jen Hatmaker raise her daughter to become a homosexual?

Among the most famous false teachers in America is Jen Hatmaker. In 2016, even LifeWay wouldn’t sell her books, after she came out in support of homosexuality and transgenderism. But this had not put an end to her presence in Big Eva. As even renown author, Max Lucado, appeared on her podcast earlier this year, […]

DarkLinks 40: SBTS scandal & George Floyd

This edition of DarkLinks comes a little late, but the articles promoted are not particularly outdated by this time of publish. First, we start off with continued coverage of the scandal at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We get the perspective of Capstone Report and Sam Jones weighs in on the dissertation written by Dr. Hernandez. […]

DarkLinks 27: Max Lucado and Jen Hatmaker

This edition of DarkLinks covers a rather slow period of activity outside of the whole Soros-EIT issues that we covered along with the video evidence of woke theology at SEBTS. And while it’s great to be able to report on these, it left us lacking of material for DarkLinks. Alas, the time has come to […]