Christian Post Misrepresents David Sills Lawsuit

A major development in the Southern Baptist Convention is the defamation lawsuit filed by David Sills, a former seminary professor, against the SBC and other major entities and persons. Unfortunately, it took the Christian Post to the 17th of December to report on a story that broke around Thanksgiving last month. In their reporting they […]

David Sills Sues Southern Baptist Convention For Defamation

For the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has contended that David Sills is a sex abuser and Jennifer Lyell was a victim. While the Southern Baptist Convention would go on to pay in a defamation suit brought by Jennifer Lyell over one million dollars, nothing of her retconned claims have been remotely close […]

Audio Leak of Jennifer Lyell Blows Holes In SBC Narrative

On July 12, an audio interview of Jennifer Lyell was leaked on a freshly started YouTube Channel called SBC Truth. The interview is with Jennifer Lyell, Ron Henzel, and Don Veinot, the latter two of Midwest Outreach. This has been verified by Capstone Report. The audio makes several claims including that the wife knew what […]

The SBC Wants To Die On Redefining Adultery There are many hills for the Christian to die on, standing firm on God’s word. But for the denomination that doesn’t know what a pastor is, redefining what adultery is a hill to die on for the Southern Baptist Convention. Last week the Southern Baptist Convention went on an all out character assassination attempt […]

SBC Circles Wagons Defending Jennifer Lyell’s Survivor Status

During the Annual Sothern Baptist Convention of 2022, the Daily Wire’s Megan Basham published a report on the Guidepost Solution’s Sex Abuse Task Force Report containing many errors in both the process and the conclusions. Much of the post article controversy involves Basham’s coverage of Jennifer Lyell and her criticism of feminist church lawyer, Rachael […]

Sex Abuse Task Force Accuses Johnny Hunt of Sexual Assault On Sunday the Sex Abuse Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention released its highly anticipated report ahead of the 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. The predictably underwhelming report did have one major finding that was previously unknown and that is a sexual assault allegation against former SBC President (2008-2010), Johnny Hunt. Prior to […]

SBC Pays The Adulterous Woman The aftermath of the Southern Baptist Convention waiving their attorney client privilege with regards to an investigation into unspecified claims of sex abuse mishandlings has yielded what appears to be initial results. These results stem from the Jennifer Lyell incident from 2019. It has been announced that Lyell will be receiving an undisclosed amount […]