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The ‘He Gets Us’ Woke Jesus Wasn’t Woke Enough And Never Will Be It’s amazing how many liberals saved their outrage for the He Gets Us commercials which aired during the Super Bowl. Last week, Evangelical Dark Web exposed the groups behind He Gets Us, which included David Green of Hobby Lobby and Signatry. Ironic as it may seem, David Green would partner with a pro-abortion firm […]

He Gets Us Campaign: Does Not Matter If Jesus Lived A Perfect Life The He Gets Us Campaign is the brain fart of Big Eva institutions with more money than sense. Over $100 million has been spent on a media campaign to make Jesus relatable with vacuous short videos. The result is dismal engagement, hardly any subscribers, and a lot of money down the drain. Yet since […]

Christological Heresy: The Holy Post Podcast Claims Risen Jesus Was Disabled The Holy Post is a liberal Evangelical podcast founded by Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani. In an episode that aired last week, the woke podcast raised disability status as a victimhood group under the framing of Cultural Marxism. Guest, Amy Kenny explained how she believed that the risen Christ was disabled. On the surface […]

God Smote Thy Branch Covidian, Heather McDonald It’s not often we see a providential act of God after someone misuses the name of Jesus, but Heather McDonald would be a rare and impactful example of someone being brought down after committing such hubris. Heather McDonald during a comedy show bragged about how jabbed she was on stage and then said, “Jesus […]

The abuse of ‘love your neighbor’ amidst lockdowns, masks, and vaccines

In the recent past I’ve addressed sphere sovereignty on the issue of the masks and vaccines. The government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines, as this authority belongs to the jurisdictions of self and family. However, Christians are being inundated, by those who hate the church, like a David French or Russell Moore […]

Jesus and American Populism

I have a great respect for Andrew Torba as he is someone who acts on their own conviction with seemingly no concessions. He built the Gab platform despite Big Tech obstacles and has since been encouraging Christians to build their own economy and also advocate a peaceful partition of the United States. His recent article […]

Christ-like Polish pastor drives thugs from church in Canada

There have definitely been more confrontations with police and churches in Canada. The events surrounding James Coates and his church being the most notorious instance of this. Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta, Canada would find himself going viral after driving out police officers that showed up to shut down […]

Wall Street vs the Plebs: A Christian Response

It seems as though only two weeks ago that I had written extensively about the collusion between Big Tech and Big Government. One of the messages I emphasized was that Big Tech Censorship goes far beyond social media. It would appear that FinTech is no exception to this collusion. Robinhood and the other major retail […]

Hillsong’s Brian Houston condemns Christian athlete Israel Folau for quoting scripture

Yes you read that headline right. This story comes from Austrailia where the county’s largest megachurch, Hillsong, condemned rugby star, Israel Folau, for quoting scripture that condemned homosexuality, among other sins, and warned of hell. The two biblical passages paraphrased by Folau are 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Galatians 5:19-21. Now, this, predictably, earned a Fatwa from […]

Tis the season… for scamming

Traffic was heavy this after getting off of work. So, I decided, as usual, when traffic is as heavy or heavier, to cut through the city of Baltimore to make way way to I-70 in order to get on to I-695. I’m in west Baltimore when I catch a light and this lady taps on […]