Are American Women More Demonic Than Ever? The election year of 2022 is shaping up to see Republican gains in many areas, but one growing demographic seems to be the future of the Democrat Party: white women with college degrees. An NBC Poll compared to a study of the 2018 election breaks down major shifts in men and women. Where men […]

Did Kim Reynolds do a good job responding to Joe Biden’s SOTU?

It is easy for Americans to overlook the accomplishments of Governor Kim Reynolds due to the fact she governs Iowa. For her outstanding performance in pushing back against Covidstan policies more proactively than most republican governors, she placed second in the 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings  Even in 2022, the Iowa has several bills in the […]

Victory Against Biden Mandate…by Technicality

The day of reckoning for 84 million American employees has finally come. By vote of 6-3, the Supreme Court blocked the Biden vaccine mandate via OSHA. To many Americans, this is a victory, as they either defied their employer mandates or successfully received exemptions. Unfortunately, for millions more, they took the jabs to save their […]

Why Biden is Guilty of Murder

There is no shortage of trite “what does the bible say?” articles out there dealing with superficial topics, which is why when we do undertake such endeavors, we engage with substance of significance. What greater sin could one commit against their neighbor than to murder them, to violate the Imago Dei? In the political discourse, […]

Nothing Omicron Under the Sun

Following a joyous Thanksgiving for millions of Americans, the latest and greatest panic campaign has been launched: a new variant. The latest Covid mutation is claimed to have originated in South Africa, containing at least thirty mutations. America and Europe have already instituted travel restrictions to several South African nations while the global financial markets […]

The Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal marks America’s best day of 2021

Let’s face it, 2021 has been a dreadful year for the United States of America. Joe Biden is propped up at the helm of a nation’s death undermining its economy, military, and liberty. It’s been a year full of losses for the declining nation. The Afghan withdrawal being the most unifying event in recent memory […]

What does the Bible say about showering with your daughter? There are no shortages of articles along that pose the question, “what does the Bible say about” and the next word is something trite or basic. The subject of showering with your daughters seems like a no brainer, yet in an age where Big Eva wants to defend what is plainly evil, like voting […]

Hypocritical? Al Mohler, SBTS, file lawsuit against Biden Vaccine Mandate

In partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary launched a lawsuit against the Biden Regency for its upcoming OSHA requirements for employers to mandate the COVID vaccine. The requirements are for federal contractors and companies with more than 100 employees and to be enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Alliance […]

Announcement: Evangelical Dark Web to host Vaccine Mandate Townhall The Evangelical Dark Web is hosting a virtual townhall to hear the concerns of believers who are facing or could face a vaccine mandate in their workplace or even ministry. The church needs to be united on an issue facing so many both within outside of the church. In helping this effort, Evangelical Dark […]

JD Hall publishes best COVID vaccine religious exemption

After Joe Biden’s planned vaccine mandate announcement for all federal contractors and all businesses with over 100 employees, the need to focus more on this front has increased. Most religious exemptions have thus far focused on the abortion connection between these COVID vaccines and the fetal cell lines used to either create or test the […]