Why James Lindsay is not influencing the church

https://youtu.be/XULkBV1wNaI When it comes to voices within the church fighting Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism, it’s hard to be worse than Neil Shenvi. Yet this has led to the rise of James Lindsay, a pro-abortion atheist to be one of the leading voices against CRT. Yet, Jon Harris is a much stronger voice against […]

September 2020 EDW Report

As usual, every month, I like to write about the progress being made and the direction of this ministry. Without question or hesitation, I must report that September was the best month yet, according to every metric. And much of that credit goes to Jon Harris who promoted this site across multiple social media platforms […]

Top takeaways from Neil Shenvi Jon Harris faceoff

It is ultimately rare from someone in Big Eva to debate someone in the grassroots on things like discernment and Critical Theory. Though perhaps Neil Shenvi is not Big Eva but is often the mouthpiece to oppose Critical Theory in the church from within the church in higher circles than say Tom Ascol or Jordan […]

AD Robles and Jon Harris reach 10K subscribers

In the grand scheme of YouTube, ten thousand subscribers is not a lot. But in the Kingdom of God, such a platform can effect change within the church and without. I want to write this as a congratulations to the two of them who have built a platform contending for the faith against the principalities […]

Update: 2 SBTS professors to refuse NDA

A few weeks ago, we reported on Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary firing four of its most prominent theologically conservative professors. We address how an NDA was to be signed if they were to get any severance, and we pointed to a fundraiser to assist any professor who would blow the whistle on any […]

Jon Harris delivers crushing message on masculinity amidst coronavirus

When God created the heavens and the earth, he did so with so that man may not be idle, instead having dominion over the earth to give glory to Him. The coronavirus has upended our economy, and many now rely on the government to compensate them for the wages they were forced by said government […]

Conversations That Matter: What happened at FBC Naples

The grassroots of Christianity rallied behind the orthodox members of FBC Naples when they rejected Marcus Hayes to be their pastor over his social justice and procedural concerns. This church was then maligned by Big Eva for racism which has since never been proven. Jon Harris breaks down what happened at FBC Naples. He also […]

Wokeness at SEBTS exposed

https://youtu.be/94SKM2J0Uuo Jon Harris compiled a montage of clips exposing the Social Justice Gospel being spoken by the staff at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. What seems most damning is the affinity for James Cone, an obvious heretic.   Interested in learning more? Join the Evangelical Dark Web.

What can church learn from the world?

I encourage you to watch this whole video by Jon Harris, an integral part of the Evangelical Dark Web and producer of the Enemies Within The Church documentary. Jon responds to a few major articles talking about what the church can learn from (insert worldly idea) and breaks down the problem with this. Reaction Churches […]

DarkLinks 14: AND Campaign and NAMB frivolities explained

This edition of DarkLinks features a common theme of highlighting a divide in Evangelical culture whether it be those who propagate the Social Justice Gospel or the Southern Baptist elitists who are increasingly out of touch with the laity. We plan to elaborate on the AND Campaign, but for now, we must highly recommend learning […]