Evangelical Free Church Wants To Defrock Pastor For Not Being Woke. Pastor Speaks Out

https://youtu.be/Z18PIVB_n_8 Jon Harris recently did an interview about a large but little talked about denomination, the Evangelical Free Church in America. Every denomination has had to confront Critical Race Theory in the last 5 years, and few institutions have stood strong against the Social Justice Gospel. Pastor Jeff Kliewer is a EFCA pastor of Cornerstone […]

Jon Harris: Chuck Smith Defeated The Jesus Revolution

https://youtu.be/h_cFsicNiXU Jon Harris, the host of Conversations That Matter, just released his review of the Jesus Revolution movie. It was quite similar to my own review, but he had a take that was hotter than mine, so I wanted to give it more exploration. Jon Harris, in his thorough review of the lesson we should […]

The Asbury Revival Narrative Is Crumbling

https://youtu.be/EU_lJcLmFe4 The Asbury Revival has been underway for about a week as an elongated worship service attracted national attention and curiosity. A liberal Methodist seminary seems to be the last place one would expect a revival to occur, but liberal denominations, long dead, are in desperate need of one. Is God raising up saints in […]

Doug Wilson and Jared Moore Debate Concupiscence and Homosexuality

https://youtu.be/1VxteNKuR8w Doug Wilson has been involved in a controversy surrounding his views on concupiscence as it relates to homosexuality. Pastor Jared Moore has called out Doug Wilson for having a view that essentially had some of the same adopted premises and application as Side B theology. Side B theology teaches homosexual orientation and that homosexual […]

Missionary: Brazil Experiencing Spiritual Revival

Jon Harris, in a recent podcast episode, brought on Brazilian missionary to the United States, Ricardo Martin to provide a Brazilian Christian perspective on the current unrest in the country. In the episode, he expressed a great sense of optimism for the growth of the church in Brazil over the past two decades. Not only […]

Why Christian Nationalism Is So Controversial Yet So Important

https://youtu.be/tga23Z-lFeE Jon Harris is one of the leading and best podcasters doing yeoman’s work exposing false teaching in the church. A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web interviewed him to talk about history. Jon Harris has recently been working on his own project to counteract the 1619 Project without the flaws of the kneejerk reaction […]

Historical Hot Takes With Jon Harris

https://youtu.be/1nLPtSlH7ms Jon Harris is a well known discernment YouTube channel that was an early mover in the fight against Social Justice in the church. His approach to ministry is both like a scholar and like a historian. In my first and hopefully not the last interview with him, we talk history, mainly American history. As […]

Top 3 Issues Facing The Church According To Dr. Russell Fuller

https://youtu.be/AlQYvdDsubQ Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to upstate New York to a men’s retreat hosted by Jon Harris and Grace Bible Church. Dr. Russell Fuller was the headliner of the event and would be teaching on Jeremiah’s ministry throughout the retreat. This was a highly encouraging event in which I […]

CBS Files Fraudulent Copyright Claims On Christian Channels

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world and creators are an emerging threat to legacy media corporations. Ironically, instead of leveraging their creators against other mediums of entertainment, YouTube has given legacy media favorable treatment on its platform. The way that copyright works on YouTube eventually boils down to court action over copyright […]

Rosaria Butterfield Blasts SBC For Redefining Abuse

After publicly retracting and repenting of her denouncing of reparative therapy, Rosaria Butterfield appeared on the Conversations That Matter podcast with Jon Harris to discuss her newfound perspective. Though enlightening the conversation was, what was surprising was that Rosaria Butterfield took aim at the Southern Baptist Convention. In discussing the root cause of homosexuality she […]