DarkLinks 45: Jory Micah Arrested!

In this edition of DarkLinks, I wanted to comment on the story of Jory Micah being arrested. Jory Micah recently got divorced citing purity culture and now goes by Jory Peterson. Jory is a famous online theological liberal and false teacher. Recently she got arrested, and since Evangelical Dark Web was late to the story, […]

Heretic Jory Micah announces divorce. Blames ‘purity culture’

Twitter is often a playground for feminist types like Karen Swallow Prior, Beth Moore, and Jory Micah to rail against orthodoxy in an environment with a population more disparately leftist than most places an American lives. Jory Micah is a popular heretic to have emerged and thrived in this environment. Evangelical Dark Web wrote about […]

Jory Micah goes full heretic! Never go full heretic.

There are few “influencers” in evangelical circles as woke as Jory Micah and John Pavlovitz. In fact, Jory Micah was one of the first false teachers I ever wrote about, before I democratized the process, not because she is low hanging fruit but so that this categorization could be used to make implications on other […]

Is Jory Micah a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Jory Micah denies the authority and inerrancy of Scripture in an effort to argue that women should be in authority within the church. She has a feminist agenda and both she and her followers should be avoided. Purpose Jory Micah is one of the most obvious false teachers covered on Evangelical Dark […]

Watch: Anti-Paulism Debunked by Scripture

Anti-Paulism is a common heresy among liberal protestants, but the Bible debunks this heresy long before liberal protestantism was invented. False teachers like Jory Micah and John Pavlovitz are a couple major false teachers who promote this viewpoint. John Pavlovitz is better known as the anti-Trump pastor. The key passage in the video is 2 Peter 3:14-18. The NASB […]

2 Peter 3 debunks Anti-Paulism

Many false teachers, particularly of the Social Justice Gospel, have a problem with the Apostle Paul because he wrote some things they do not like or agree with. Anti-Paulism is a heresy that denies the God-breathed words of Paul’s Epistles in the New Testament. False teachers like Jory Micah frequently deny the authority of scripture […]

One does not simply ignore the Bible on a singular issue

In the Evangelical world, the battle against egalitarianism in the church is once more returning to a full boil as it did decades ago. Egalitarianism, in this context, believes that men and women are interchangeable in all ministerial functions. We saw this a few weeks ago with John MacArthur’s “Go home” comments directed at Beth […]

DarkLinks 14: AND Campaign and NAMB frivolities explained

This edition of DarkLinks features a common theme of highlighting a divide in Evangelical culture whether it be those who propagate the Social Justice Gospel or the Southern Baptist elitists who are increasingly out of touch with the laity. We plan to elaborate on the AND Campaign, but for now, we must highly recommend learning […]