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Julie Roys Attacks Andrew Torba For Exposing Secular Christmas Music

Julie Roys has long been a liberal operating in Christian news reporting, and she’s not above petty articles of policing politically incorrect actions as intolerable. Julie Roys’s long history of being a bad actor includes peddling panic porn about the coronavirus. She went after Liberty University for having a snowball fight, as well as repeated […]

Julie Roys Goes After Sean Feucht For Turkey And Weeds Some ministries do Christian newsgathering out of a love for church. Others like The Roys Report, led by Julie Roys, do so out of a hatred, so that even when some of who they go after include shady characters, they also attack legitimate pastors for doing good deeds as well. Sean Feucht is a […]

Julie Roys Promotes Transgenderism, Apologizes For “Mislabeling” Nashville Shooter No issue quite reveals the inadequacy of modern journalism quite like that of transgenderism. Despite the logical inconsistencies of the ideology. You can tell how reliable an outlet is based on this issue. And very few major outlets outside the mainstream media are good on this issue. The tragedy that happened earlier this week […]

MeToo Movement Suffers Defeat In Landmark PCA Verdict The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is no stranger to just about every fight going on in the church right now. Among the top three issues includes a massive push for feminism in the church weaponizing the MeToo Movement to insert errant theology. In the Southern Baptist Convention, Jennifer Lyell received a settlement for […]

Julie Roys’ Conference Looks Like A Disaster

Evangelical Dark Web regularly relies on its own newsgathering. However in the instance where we are heavily relying on other sources to the point where our reporting would not be original, we want to curate and give credit to those who broke a story particularly well. Protestia did an excellent job covering this story prior […]

Julie Roys Abuse Hypocrisy Exposed The feminist Evangelical blogger, Julie Roys has undergone a lot of scrutiny lately when her 2017 book was read by conservatives following her most recent barrage of hit pieces on John MacArthur. Right now her website has three of these hit pieces pinned to the top. Evidently MacArthur supporters like Dear Woke Christian read […]

Why Julie Roys Hates John MacArthur The latest smear campaign of Julie Roys to impugn John MacArthur for supporting an alleged sex abuser was largely exposed thanks to diligent researchers at Protestia. However, it’s worth noting that Julie Roys has a long history of going after John MacArthur for his success and for his obedience to Scripture. There are believers […]

DarkLinks 48: Julie Roys slanders John MacArthur

Julie Roys having beef with John MacArthur is nothing new. The raging feminist has made him her white whale ever since John MacArthur told Beth Moore to go home. After slandering John MacArthur for his wealth via shoddy reporting, Julie Roys also heavily promoted the Great Reset narrative on COVID, attacking John MacArthur for reopening […]

Evangelical Feminists defend Julianna Zobrist

Five years ago, Ben and Julianna Zobrist were a Christian celerity couple doing speaking arrangements at Liberty University. He was a star baseball player and World Series MVP. She was an aspiring Christian pop singer who dropped an album, though she only has 1500 subs on YouTube. But like secular celebrity marriages, they did not […]

Should we rely on others to defend our own reputations?

There’s a certain science to public relations. If you defend your reputation against every attack, you invite more scrutiny and attackers. If you respond to no attacks on your reputation, the public will assume guilt. There’s a certain balance to this, as it demands one chooses their battles wisely. Punching back at anonymous internet trolls […]