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Karen Swallow Prior To Leave Southeastern Seminary

A feminist icon in the Southern Baptist Convention announced on Twitter that she would not be returning to her position at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary next semester. Karen Swallow Prior has long been a controvesial figure in the Southern Baptist Convention, fooling many, even Tom Buck. Unfortunately for the Bucks, Karen Swallow Prior was at […]

Tom Buck, Willy Rice Publicly Reconcile Over KarenGate

Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention had a trilogy of scandals leading up to Bart Barber’s nomination and eventual election as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. It began with Ed Litton’s Sermongate scandal in which he was caught serially plagiarizing sermons from the outgoing SBC president JD Greear. Litton would choose to not seek […]

Making Abortion Unimaginable Is An Unbiblical Goal It seems counterintuitive for someone who is pro-life to argue that making abortion unimaginable or unnecessary is unbiblical. Yet we can never forget that words have meaning. Unimaginable denotes the inability to conceive of the idea. Unnecessary denotes that abortion is otherwise necessary. Unbiblical means having no basis in Scripture or truth.   She […]

Karengate Update: Anonymous Patsy Takes Responsibility. The Bucks Call BS! With the Annual Southern Baptist Convention less than a week away, there is some late drama unfolding as some have already commenced their travels to Anaheim. With the Sex Abuse Task Force Report dominating conversation, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary wrapped up its “investigation” into the leaked draft used to blackmail and defame Tom Buck. […]

Karen Swallow Prior: Worst Pro-Life Activist Ever If ever there was a hall of fame for worst activist in a movement’s history, Karen Swallow Prior has got to be a frontrunner for the pro-life/ abolish abortion movement. Despite having a history of bad articles on the issue, she has been a tool by the liberal media to subvert the cause to […]

Karen Swallow Prior Breaks Silence Over Karengate. SBC Voices Exposed! After Evangelical Dark Web published it’s article exposing Karen Swallow Prior being at the center of a conspiracy to blackmail Tom Buck, Protestia published their article which included a recording made by Tom Buck of a phone call in which he catches Todd Benkert and Jay Adkins in multiple lies. Both Todd Benkert and […]

The Karengate Conspiracy: Willy Rice, Tom Buck, and Karen Swallow Prior The scandals of the Southern Baptist Convention continue to mount as Deacongate would get a sequel called Karengate, aptly coined by Dr. Bobby Lopez after Karen Swallow Prior. The “Notorious KSP” is at the center of a story involving lies, blackmail, and coverups. Willy Rice Lied On April 1st, Willy Rice came forward on […]

Bekah Mason: The Blue-Haired Feminist Pushing Homosexuality in the Church The Revoice Movement is a horizon threat to mainstream Evangelicalism. What started out in the PCA has swept through other denominations. The Evangelical Covenant Church is one example of a denomination embracing Revoice teaching. However, the founders of Revoice contain a significant presence of Southern Baptist background, which is a clear pathway to influence […]

Falkirk Center reforms as Standing For Freedom Center. Is this a good thing?

Following the ousting of Jerry Falwell Jr over his cuckholding scandal, Liberty University has rebranded its Falkirk Center to be the Standing For Freedom Center or Freedom Center for short. But in parting ways with Jerry Falwell Jr, the Freedom Center has also parted ways with Charlie Kirk. The listing of Charlie Kirk as a […]

Karen Swallow Prior misrepresents EMS memo to attack Christians

Aside from Beth Moore, Karen Swallow Prior is a supreme moral busybody in the Southern Baptist Convention. Aptly named, she has been a hardcore purveyor of panic porn. On Tuesday evening she took to Twitter to attack Christians for proliferating a culture of death because of their opposition to lockdowns and mask mandates. She tweeted: […]