Bekah Mason: The Blue-Haired Feminist Pushing Homosexuality in the Church The Revoice Movement is a horizon threat to mainstream Evangelicalism. What started out in the PCA has swept through other denominations. The Evangelical Covenant Church is one example of a denomination embracing Revoice teaching. However, the founders of Revoice contain a significant presence of Southern Baptist background, which is a clear pathway to influence […]

Falkirk Center reforms as Standing For Freedom Center. Is this a good thing?

Following the ousting of Jerry Falwell Jr over his cuckholding scandal, Liberty University has rebranded its Falkirk Center to be the Standing For Freedom Center or Freedom Center for short. But in parting ways with Jerry Falwell Jr, the Freedom Center has also parted ways with Charlie Kirk. The listing of Charlie Kirk as a […]

Karen Swallow Prior misrepresents EMS memo to attack Christians

Aside from Beth Moore, Karen Swallow Prior is a supreme moral busybody in the Southern Baptist Convention. Aptly named, she has been a hardcore purveyor of panic porn. On Tuesday evening she took to Twitter to attack Christians for proliferating a culture of death because of their opposition to lockdowns and mask mandates. She tweeted: […]

Did Jerry Falwell Jr squander his position at Liberty University?

I’m not one to clutch pearls over Jerry Falwell Jr having a┬áTrailer Park Boys themed yacht party, however, it is clear that his social media behavior will spell the end of his reign at Liberty University. And so I have to ask, is this a good thing? Jerry Falwell Jr. is perhaps best known for […]

Christianity Today’s vegan propaganda

It’s not much of a secret that Christianity Today is Christian in name only. This became quite clear after they came out of the closet with Mark Galli’s unethical and unbiblical argument weighing into politics in December. But the influence of the magazine is not waned completely. And this season of lent they published vegan […]

DarkLinks 19: Seminary professor fired for preaching the gospel

There is no barrel scrapping in this edition of DarkLinks. Perhaps this is our most jam-packed yet. This is a busy news week in Christendom, and a lot of stories just didn’t make the cut this time around. The story about the online snitch portal didn’t make the cut because we decided to respond to […]

DarkLinks 17: Learning from Methodists, Al Mohler, KSP & Chick-Fil-A

This edition of DarkLinks has no theme because there are a lot of things going on and this touches up on a few of them. First we have the Paige Patterson using the United Methodist Church as an object lesson for Southern Baptists. This article is well timed after I penned my “One does not […]