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Rosaria Butterfield Calls Out Side B Theology At Liberty University Rosaria Butterfield recently gave a convocation at Liberty University where she took aim at Side B Theology that is rampantly infiltrating the church. The lecture that she gave focused heavily on her personal testimony of how God rescued her from homosexuality. But as she pivots to talking about her book, she takes aim at […]

Is Liberty University Going Woke? It’s no secret that it has been a rough last couple of years for Liberty University, in large part due to the fallout of Jerry Falwell Jr. in his swinger scandal. Additionally, both he and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA would have their namesake, the, Falkirk Center, renamed to the Standing For Freedom […]

Liberty University sues Jerry Falwell Jr.

There are no shortages of high profile lawsuits within Evangelicalism. Currently, Paige Patterson is still involved in a lawsuit. Then we have the NAMB and the ERLC teamed up in a lawsuit. Thom Rainer and Lifeway settled a high profile lawsuit. Indeed there is no shortage of litigiousness in Evangelicalism. Adding to that is Liberty […]

Falkirk Center reforms as Standing For Freedom Center. Is this a good thing?

Following the ousting of Jerry Falwell Jr over his cuckholding scandal, Liberty University has rebranded its Falkirk Center to be the Standing For Freedom Center or Freedom Center for short. But in parting ways with Jerry Falwell Jr, the Freedom Center has also parted ways with Charlie Kirk. The listing of Charlie Kirk as a […]

A followup on Jerry Falwell Jr.

It would appear that the persistent rumors regarding Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife, and their pool boy have been confirmed. The rumors that his wife was having sexual relations with the pool boy are now an agreed upon fact by all parties. These new claims change much of how we should view this situation. In […]

Did Jerry Falwell Jr squander his position at Liberty University?

I’m not one to clutch pearls over Jerry Falwell Jr having a┬áTrailer Park Boys themed yacht party, however, it is clear that his social media behavior will spell the end of his reign at Liberty University. And so I have to ask, is this a good thing? Jerry Falwell Jr. is perhaps best known for […]

Conservatives Christians in Virginia score major political victory

On September 3rd, 2019, Jerry Falwell Jr, President of Liberty University, came over the top rope to provide backup to his Congressman Denver Riggleman after he officiated a homosexual wedding ceremony. The grievance of Riggleman’s action caused the local Republican Party to censure him. Despite this lack of local support, Jerry Falwell Jr. and even […]

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s closet endorsement of gay marriage

On of the largest faces of Christian Conservative political activism is Jerry Falwell Jr who emerged in the age of Trump by being one of the first evangelical leaders to endorse Donald Trump. Since then he has been one of the most vocal proponents for Trump among Big Eva. Falwell has acquired a fair amount […]