What Happens When You Tell A Megachurch Pastor Their Sermon Sucked?

https://youtu.be/hjUGkKA4uEw Tim Ross is a rising star in megachurchianity. He is the current pastor of Embassy City, a church in Irving, Texas. He has guest spoken at Transformation Church and Life Dot Church, the context for this article and video. In this sermon, he gives an anecdote about a time he preached in Australia and […]

Bianca Olthoff reads Bible like Cardi B

There are very few limitations to who is allowed to speak at America’s largest protestant church. Life.Church is America’s largest woke church, and it is helmed by false teacher, Craig Groeschel. Bianca Olthoff is a run in the mill Prosperity Gospel preacher. She came to Craig Groeschel’s church to preach the Jesus is your boyfriend […]