Kevin DeYoung Claps Like A Seal For Ligon Duncan

Last month we reported on John MacArthur continuing to platform woke pastors, at his own church. Revoice is not the only conference going on this week. The Puritan Conference featured Ligon Duncan and John Piper as their featured headliners. Another such speaker was Kevin DeYoung, formerly of The Gospel Coaltion. Kevin DeYoung has generally struck […]

Will John MacArthur Stop Platforming Woke Pastors, Enforce Dallas Statement? John MacArthur remains one of the leaders in Evangelicalism, due to his lifetime of steadfast ministry. Being one of the initial signers of the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, as well as the Frankfurt Declaration. And thus when John MacArthur continues to platform woke preachers, this rises to the level of […]

Ligon Duncan’s racism exposed

“As In Heaven” is the Marxists podcast that The Gospel Coalition designed to promote the Social Justice Gospel in mainstream evangelicalism. There trailer was drenched with Critical Race Theory when it debuted late September. Episode six of this podcast features Ligon Duncan, the CEO/ Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary. In this podcast, Ligon Duncan articulates […]