JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church

https://youtu.be/xScSl67Vkj8 At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, JD Greear gave a chapel sermon bashing his church to an audience of future pastors. The sermon raises the question as to how much Summit Church is hemorrhaging members as a result of JD Greear’s regular wokeness and Branch Covidianism. It’s worth mentioning that JD Greear has a church […]

Rod Dreher’s Jab Didn’t Work and Neither Does Yours

Rod Dreher is not vaccinated against COVID-19. No one is. But he is triple jabbed. Yet when Omicron came around, he not only caught it but had a week long bout with it that he publicized on social media. During this process, however, Rod Dreher does appear to have been redpilled on coronavirus. A year […]

Project Veritas Exposes Branch Covidian Lies

https://youtu.be/A2RD2JjbQtQ In what has been the biggest story of the year, Project Veritas has leaked an internal military document that shows that the government knew that their COVID narrative was incorrect the entire time, yet has deliberately pushed forward with propping up Branch Covidianism anyway. The leaked Project Veritas document can be read here. Lie #1: […]

Is ‘Mass Psychosis Formation’ The Cause of Branch Covidianism?

https://youtu.be/jMHoR5CfTOA Dr. Robert Malone went viral over the weekend during his interview on the country’s largest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan who is vocally not a Branch Covidian, released the podcast over the weekend where it has amassed tens of millions of views, inviting a massive coordination of Big Tech censorship. During the […]

Mount Moriah AME Church offers promo code for getting the vaccine

As part of a New York City program to mobilize faith based communities to vaccinate, a financial incentive gives the recipient of the unsafe and ineffective vaccine $100. Mount Moriah AME, also known as Moriah City Church, in a recent sermon told their congregants to partake in the program. The catch is that Moriah City […]

Trump goes Full Branch Covidian with Bill O’Reilly

https://youtu.be/4UfyS7QCuZo After kickstarting his “The History Tour” by speaking at FBC Dallas during a Sunday worship service, Donald Trump and co-host Bill O’Reilly. Additionally he had a Fox News interview that aired Sunday that where he defends not firing Anthony Fauci out of fear for how the Democrats would have reacted. He also simped for Xi […]

Big Eva’s Effeminate Response To Canada’s New Law


https://youtu.be/F7UmE_Kw1Fo When will Canadian Big Eva come to grips with the reality of their situation? The government of Canada is further down the Marxist hole than the United States with five leftwing political parties vying for power. They imposed strict lockdowns on the masses throughout 2020 and 2021 and arrested faithful members of the brethren […]

Are PPP Loans Why Robert Jeffress is a Big Pharma Shill?

https://youtu.be/SFK5s5hIvkQ Many Christians were surprised by the fact that Robert Jeffress is a rather outspoken opponent to religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine. However, were there not ample warning signs that pointed to this by his behavior in 2020 and prior. In continuing our series on exploring Branch Covidianism in the church, Evangelical Dark Web […]

Ghost Megachurches: David Uth FBC Orlando

https://youtu.be/5AfilZdt1Iw First Baptist Church Orlando Florida is one of the largest churches in the state and a valued member of the Southern Baptist Convention. David Uth is a Big Eva member. In 2020 he was the president of the canceled Pastors Conference in which he had egalitarian speakers. And though Wikipedia claims FBC Orlando has 16000 members, the […]

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Practices Medical Apartheid

https://youtu.be/890cB8myiuU Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web found that Redeemer Presbyterian Church was the most brazen of prominent churches in the United States with its implementation of medical apartheid. Redeemer Presbyterian Church is famous for being Tim Keller’s church. However the largest megachurch in the United States broadcasting a medical apartheid is Saddleback Church, the home of […]