NYC Church leaflets go viral for right reason

It’s rare to see a church in New York City be in the city but not of the city. Tim Keller is certainly a high profile example of this phenomenon. But there is a positive example coming from Providence Baptist Church, a reformed Baptist church in New York City. They passed out leaflets at a […]

What the Branch Covidian Cult Looks Like The largest religion in the United States is the Branch Covidian cult. And quite frankly, not enough Christian ministries are doing any sort of apologetics against this false gospel. So there is no time like the present to show an example of the logical conclusion of what a Branch Covidian church sounds like on […]

Why James Lindsay is not influencing the church When it comes to voices within the church fighting Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism, it’s hard to be worse than Neil Shenvi. Yet this has led to the rise of James Lindsay, a pro-abortion atheist to be one of the leading voices against CRT. Yet, Jon Harris is a much stronger voice against […]

Rick Warren calls faithful pastors selfish In the previous article on Rick Warren’s interview with Barna Research Group, a woke industry leader in church data. That video/article covered how Rick Warren was celebrating his woke struggle sessions following the death of George Floyd, while willfully abandoning his church and duties as a pastor. In this continuation, Rick Warren attacks pastors who faithfully kept […]

Rick Warren Hates His Congregation Earlier this year, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the wokeness of Barna Research Group, being the first to report on this trajectory. Barna is a research firm that is supposed to provide insight on culture and the church. It is an industry leader in this niche and is used by churches small and large. Rick […]

The abuse of ‘love your neighbor’ amidst lockdowns, masks, and vaccines

In the recent past I’ve addressed sphere sovereignty on the issue of the masks and vaccines. The government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines, as this authority belongs to the jurisdictions of self and family. However, Christians are being inundated, by those who hate the church, like a David French or Russell Moore […]

John MacArthur has pending $800K settlement with California over lockdowns Over a year ago, the legal battle between Grace Community Church and California was raging. And now, the conclusion will determine how much the state will have to pay the church in a settlement for violating their God -given right to freely worship. It’s a conditional surrender that punishes the evildoers in local and […]

The Australian Taliban The caricature Evangelicals are often painted as is an American Taliban, that Christians want to implement their own form of Sharia law. But the more you itemize the policies of Christians and Islamists, the fewer similarities the results actually have. The Islamist and the theonomist don’t even agree on traditional marriage. In contrast, a […]

Jonathan Leeman’s hypocrisy on church gathering

TGC The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk wannabe series, TGC Talk, sought to address the inadequacies of virtual church. The irony comes from the fact that The Gospel Coalition promoted virtual church for an entire year as a response to the kind requests of Caesar to cease gathering. Since then, there have been churches who defied […]

Why Todd Friel is completely wrong about Romans 13 and Vaccine Mandates Todd Friel is most certainly one of the most trustworthy more establishment voices in Evangelicalism. However, there is a great split in Evangelicalism on the role of government and whether civil or even violent disobedience to government is on the table for Christians. Todd Friel takes a near absolute stance on Romans 13 and […]