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Tim Keller Defends How His Church Imposed Vaccine Apartheid Of all the megachurches in America, we found very few who imposed any sort of Covid Jab requirement, as very few were willing to go there after imposing a mask mandate. Among the few were Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, JD Greear’s Summit Church in a select location, and Redeemer Presbyterian, the church where Tim […]

3 Years Of 2 Weeks To Slow The Spread

Three years ago, all of our lives were changed. Americans were told by then President Trump that we needed to make sacrifices. And so America did. At least that’s how they want us to remember it. Instead what happened was Donald Trump was played the Jar Jar Binks and handed over his presidency to Anthony […]

Writing The Frankfurt Declaration: An Interview With Steven Lloyd Earlier this month a group of pastors drafted the Frankfurt Declaration as a repudiation of Branch Covidianism and attempts by the government to dislodge Christ as head of the church. Many pastors from around the globe were part of the initial signing, but three men were tasked with writing the document. Yesterday, I sat […]

The Vaccine Mandate Townhall Opening Statement I’ve been wanting to do this townhall event for a while. My hesitance came with waiting to put my advice and resources into practice before I put on an event that I have promoted more than anything else I’ve done with Evangelical Dark Web to this point. I have some experience facing […]

Why we should protest outside of government officials’ homes A viral protest in Florida occured outside the home of a school board official. This comes during a time when the department of Justice wants to crack down on conservatives attending school board meetings citing “threats” and “terrorism.” People outside Sarasota Sch Bd member Shirley Brown’s house tonight: “We see you in there, Shirley. […]

Australian Big Eva continues defending evil government Practically every English common law heritage country is given over following a massive embrace of secularism. America has thus been delayed in following their path because we have a much larger and more significant remnant of believers. Australia is certainly a case of you get what you voted for. These people gave up freedom […]

NYC Church leaflets go viral for right reason

It’s rare to see a church in New York City be in the city but not of the city. Tim Keller is certainly a high profile example of this phenomenon. But there is a positive example coming from Providence Baptist Church, a reformed Baptist church in New York City. They passed out leaflets at a […]

What the Branch Covidian Cult Looks Like The largest religion in the United States is the Branch Covidian cult. And quite frankly, not enough Christian ministries are doing any sort of apologetics against this false gospel. So there is no time like the present to show an example of the logical conclusion of what a Branch Covidian church sounds like on […]

The abuse of ‘love your neighbor’ amidst lockdowns, masks, and vaccines

In the recent past I’ve addressed sphere sovereignty on the issue of the masks and vaccines. The government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines, as this authority belongs to the jurisdictions of self and family. However, Christians are being inundated, by those who hate the church, like a David French or Russell Moore […]

Jonathan Leeman’s hypocrisy on church gathering

TGC The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk wannabe series, TGC Talk, sought to address the inadequacies of virtual church. The irony comes from the fact that The Gospel Coalition promoted virtual church for an entire year as a response to the kind requests of Caesar to cease gathering. Since then, there have been churches who defied […]