Ghost Megachurches: Even Raphael Warnock Can’t Bring In A Crowd At FWBC In this installment in Evangelical Dark Web’s series on Ghost Megachurches, we examine Friendship West Baptist Church, a predominantly black megachurch in Georgia. In the past this series has covered FBC Orlando, a notorious Southern Baptist church, The Potter’s House Denver closing a location, and Salem Baptist Church hiring Charlie Dates to stem their […]

What Happens When You Tell A Megachurch Pastor Their Sermon Sucked? Tim Ross is a rising star in megachurchianity. He is the current pastor of Embassy City, a church in Irving, Texas. He has guest spoken at Transformation Church and Life Dot Church, the context for this article and video. In this sermon, he gives an anecdote about a time he preached in Australia and […]

Ghost Megachurches: The Potter’s House Denver Touré and Sarah Jakes Roberts are the latest example of the growing prevalence of Ghost Megachurches in the United States. In November, Evangelical Dark Web exposed how FBC Orlando, the home of SBC elite David Uth, is a shadow of its pre-lockdown self. This was not because of their liberal or worldly leanings but […]

Docent Research Group and North Valley Community Church

This article is part of Evangelical Dark Web’s series called Docent Dumps where pastors and churches who use Docent Research Group are being exposed. This article exposes Ryan Rice of North Valley Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona as a client of Docent Research Group. Origin The Ed Litton plagiarism scandal has revealed just how vast […]

Is Craig Groeschel a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Craig Groeschel has a demonstrable pattern of doing what will profit himself the most, including the strategic adoption of Cultural Marxism Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Craig Groeschel is a false teacher. You can make a request here, and we will honor […]

Is Larry Osborne a false teacher?

Verdict: Larry Osborne is not a false teacher. We welcome the debate on how to model the church and respectfully disagree with Osborne. Our biggest concern with Osborne were exegetical errors.   Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Larry Osborne is a false teacher. You […]