Disgraced Carl Lentz To Work For Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

The disgraced Carl Lentz has reportedly announced his comeback. After getting fired from Hillsong NYC for his adultery scandal, he reportedly has moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for Mike Todd’s Transformation Church. Mike Todd is perhaps the most viral pastor on the internet for his crazy theatrics and bad theology. It’s is unclear whether […]

Exposing The Crossdressing Pastor At Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

https://youtu.be/SYaIzoNGzw4 Mike Todd is perhaps the fastest rising false teacher in America. We exposed him back in 2020 before he got huge. Unsurprisingly, Todd is not the only clown performing at Transformation Church is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charles Metcalf is the lead executive pastor at Transformation Church who gives the occasional sermon. The culture at Transformation […]

Discernment Updates: Mike Todd and Priscilla Shirer Verdicts Updated

Evangelical Dark Web is not only a news and commentary website, we also do research on potential false teachers, often at reader request. We wanted to do this with some sort of standard for what constitutes a false teacher. The goal was to due research on teachers that were not low hanging fruit or inspired […]

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Powered by RedCircle Powered by RedCircle Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web It’s not about the money. It’s about supporting the mission in contending for the faith against false doctrines. Consider becoming a member of the Evangelical Dark Web. If you aren’t willing, comfortable, or able to, that’s cool. And if you still […]

Is Michael Todd A Modalist Or Just Dumb?

https://youtu.be/FsZUceqTkiM Not all false teachers are intelligent. Where in the past I wrote that Levi Lusko was highly intelligent, the same cannot be said of Michael Todd who clumsily explained the Holy Trinity in a blasphemous and heretical way. Evangelical Dark Web first exposed Mike Todd as a false teacher in March 2020 before he […]

Mike Todd’s Million Dollar March Prosperity Gospel Madness

https://youtu.be/GAHffQWMJGI Michael Todd is certainly proving to be one of the most dangerous and influential false teachers of this current generation. Over the last two years he has skyrocketed in church membership and social media influence. More ominously, the amount of money Transformation Church has accumulated and spent is well over what one would suspect […]

DarkLinks 44: John MacArthur’s Sermon Censored, Mike Todd Apologizes

It’s been a long time since Evangelical Dark Web has done a DarkLinks. Over the past year, this publication has stepped up its own game on newsgathering and reporting, so we have not relied on curating the content of others. However, during the past week where Evangelical Dark Web was breaking it’s own stories on […]

Mike Todd Spits, rubs it in man’s face during sermon

https://youtu.be/UNTrB4fG7vE The most recent sermon at Transformation Church featured a daring a disgusting sermon illustration that involved Mike Todd spitting and rubbing it in a man’s face as a way to “explain” Jesus spitting in the blind man’s eyes when He healed him. Mike Todd is a highly prominent false teacher of the Prosperity Gospel […]

Mike Todd’s Relationship Goals Movie Maker Devon Franklin Getting Divorced

Devon Franklin, a faith based filmmaker best known for making the heretical “Heaven Is For Real” into a movie announced on Instagram he was filing for divorce from his wife, Meagan Good, an actress. This would be yet another “Christian” celebrity couple to announce a divorce. Though in this instance the reason is unclear. The […]

Prosperity Preacher Mike Todd lands movie deal for Relationship Goals

https://youtu.be/Ol2n3F1okI4 Perhaps the most viral pastor in the United State is Mike Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2020, he published a bestselling book, Relationship Goals based on a viral sermon series he did years prior. Todd’s knack for taking years old jokes and repackaging them paid off will Relationship Goals. In a more […]