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International House Of Prayer To Close Flagship Location Amid Mike Bickle Fallout

Mike Bickle’s sex scandal rocked the hypercharismatic world as the New Apostolic Reformation pastor was discredited by his organization, the International House of Prayer, following sexual misconduct allegations. IHOP quickly dismissed Mike Bickle and went into damage control mode as the allegations grew worse. Evidently, the International House of Prayer has not recovered from its […]

IHOP Releases Mike Bickle Report As They Move On From Disgraced Leader Men like Mike Bickle are a case study of what Paul warned about in 2 Timothy 3:6 when he wrote of false teachers saying, “For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses.” Last week, the International House of Prayer released […]

Allegations Surface Against Bob Hartley Amidst Mike Bickle Fallout

The allegations against Mike Bickle have done a lot of damage to the leadership of the International House of Prayer, the most emblematic organization representing the New Apostolic Reformation. The allegations against Bickel have grown more serious amidst the investigation. Yet, in a recent announcement, Eric Volz reiterated the impasse that IHOP Kansas City is […]

IHOP University President Resigns Amid Mike Bickle Sex Scandal

The ongoing sex scandal of Mike Bickle has led to more leadership changes at the International House of Prayer. Before Christmas, the International House of Prayer ousted Mike Bickle from his leadership position. The reason that they did so was that the allegations against Mike Bickle grew in severity. Mike Bickle allegedly used prophecy to […]

Mike Bickle Ousted From IHOP

The allegations against Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer have been a developing story for about two months. Bickle was accused of sexual misconduct in events that took place 26 years ago. In a Friday announcement from Eric Volz, the spokesman for IHOP, he announced that new revelations have led to the resignation […]

Michael Brown Defends Mike Bickle’s Legacy, the New Apostolic Reformation

Whereas some men are apologists for Creation, others the historicity of the bible, Michael Brown is the most prolific apologist for hypercharismatic Christianity. Because of certain culture war issues, Brown gained clout with many Christians and conservatives, much as teachers like Eric Metaxas, Sean Feucht, or Mark Driscoll, where people appreciate their stances on cultural […]

Breaking: IHOP Hires Gay Law Firm To Investigate Mike Bickle The disastrous handling of the allegations of sexual abuse against Mike Bickle continues to haunt the International House of Prayer, the organization that best embodies the heretical New Apostolic Reformation movement. In late October, IHOP proclaimed Mike Bickle’s guilt publicly before any sort of investigation, only for their initial findings to find that the […]

IHOP Provides Update On Mike Bickle’s #MeToo Scandal

In late October, Mike Bickle was denounced by the International House of Prayer who accused him of sex abuse, using a feminist framework as opposed to a criminal framework. Their initial disclosure of the allegations found Bickle guilty despite not having investigated the veracity of the claims against him. Later on, a preliminary investigation produced […]

Latest Podcast From Evangelical Dark Web

As we generally do not publish videos over the weekend, we made a podcast version of Sunday’s article on Mike Bickle. Powered by RedCircle Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, you get access to more content, help drive the direction of our research, and support the operations […]

Mike Bickle Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Denounced By IHOP

Mike Bickle is one of the most prominent figures in the New Apostolic Reformation also known as NAR. His organization, the International House of Prayer (IHOP) is the embodiment of NAR. On Saturday, the International House of Prayer released a statement denouncing Mike Bickle, disqualifying him from ministry. Public Statement concerning recent allegations on Mike […]