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House Democrats Poised To Protect Mike Johnson

Following Mike Johnson’s vote to fund Ukraine, Israel, liberal causes, and neglect to fund a border wall, House Speaker Mike Johnson faces calls to vacate the chair led by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Thomas Massie. Mike Johnson has been hailed as a Christian hero by liberals like Daniel Darling of the Land Center […]

Mark Levin Praises John Hagee For Defending Anti-Christian Antisemitism Bill

Last week, House Speaker Mike Johnson led the charge in passing the Antisemitism Awareness Act which will codify a woke organization’s definition of antisemitism to be used by the Department of Education. The bill has divided Conservative Inc. as even Ben Shapiro has come out saying that the bill goes too far. Yet Mark Levin […]

House of Representatives Passes Anti-Christian Hate Speech Law

Mike Johnson has proven to be a terrible witness for Christianity in the public square so far, and his trend of being Israel First continues as he forwarded a hate speech bill that will compel the Department of Education to adhere to a woke organization’s definition of antisemitism. As pointed out by Rep. Matt Gaetz, […]

Why Jack Hibbs Should Repent Of Mike Johnson Rant Last week, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Jack Hibb’s defense of Mike Johnson from what he described as a “spiritual attack.” Jack Hibbs is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and is one of the most influential pastors in politics. So for him to abuse spiritual language to advance a policy of foreign […]

Mike Johnson Is A Disgrace. Time To Vacate The Chair

Mike Johnson during his brief time as Speaker of the House has proven to be an abysmal replacement for Mike McCarthy, a notorious RINO. Yet at least with McCarthy, he was an open RINO, whereas Mike Johnson wears a cross on his chest but serves the Star of David instead. It’s come time to vacate […]

Southern Baptist Convention Lobbies Congress To Fund Ukraine

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention is the political lobbying arm for Southern Baptists. After spending 2023 lobbying for gun control in Tennessee and the concealment of the Nashville Tranifesto, Brent Leatherwood and Big Eva have made supporting Ukraine a priority in 2024. As Richard Land of the Christian Post […]

Exposing How Mike Johnson Opposed A Pro-Life Bill

Mike Johnson’s ascendency to the Speakership over the House of Representatives came as an early victory for Christians and Conservatives, representing an immediate improvement over Kevin McCarthy and a victory for the “Gaetzful Eight.” Even the media ramped up the rhetoric against Johnson, deriding him as a Christian Nationalist. However, there were cracks found in […]

Mike Johnson, A Southern Baptist Congressman, Elected House Speaker When we last left off, we reported how Rep. Mike Johnson out of Louisiana was poised to be the consensus candidate in the Republican Party to be elected House Speaker. Now it’s official. The congressman represents a substantial upgrade from Rep. Kevin McCarthy or Rep. Steve Scalise. An interesting fact is that he’s Southern […]