Franklin Graham Announces Support For Mike Pence 2024 Franklin Graham has built a reputation on being active in politics. His involvement with the Donald Trump campaign and presidency might best be described as sycophantic. Franklin Graham would go so far as to temporarily stoop to endorsing a Paula White book just to curry favor with Trump. Former Vice President Mike Pence was […]

Mike Pence Touts Presidential Run

With Donald Trump announced as a 2024 presidential run, the next presidential election cycle has commenced. So far, majority of the talk has been about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, while speculation about others are sidelined for the two widely considered viable contenders. Former Vice President Mike Pence has been routinely throwing around his influence […]

Mike Pence unfairly attacked for not being pro-life enough.

You can always count on Evangelical elites to obfuscate major issues, abortion being among them. During Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential Debate, Mike Pence utterly dominated Kamala Harris Now I do not know if Vice President Mike Pence agrees with this position, but he was not asked on his position on abortion. Instead, the Vice President […]

Revisiting: Is Mike Pence to political for church?

I wrote this article for NOQ Report in June 2018 following a speech he gave at SBC. The debate ensuing around that prompted me to write an article on the subject. I want to make it clear that Startup Christ limits is political scope to instances where God’s word is political. As I figure out the scope of […]