Dr. Bobby Lopez: Sex Abuse Task Force Report Covers Up More Than It Reveals

https://youtu.be/kQ7MgHJVyCk Dr. Bobby Lopez was once fired from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary for writing about sex abuse. Now the Southern Baptist Convention has publicly released the Sex Abuse Task Force report, Bobby Lopez believes that this report is a hit job meant to cover up sex abuse the Southern Baptist Convention does not want you […]

How the Sex Abuse Task Force Falsely Maligns Mike Stone

The Sex Abuse Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention’s report has a demonstrable pattern of selective coverage. In 2021, Mike Stone was accosted at the Annual Southern Baptist Convention accused without substantiation of mishandling sex abuse allegation. In conjunction with Russell Moore’s letter the Sex Abuse Task Force was formed at the behest of […]

Sex Abuse Task Force Accuses Johnny Hunt of Sexual Assault

https://youtu.be/5OQ_b088OHs On Sunday the Sex Abuse Task Force of the Southern Baptist Convention released its highly anticipated report ahead of the 2022 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. The predictably underwhelming report did have one major finding that was previously unknown and that is a sexual assault allegation against former SBC President (2008-2010), Johnny Hunt. Prior to […]

Mike Stone Backs Down, Withdraws Lawsuit Against Russell Moore

In October, Mike Stone filed a lawsuit for defamation against Russell Moore, in large part because his letters potentially cost Stone the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention. Stone has now withdrawn his lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged: Beginning on or about February 24, 2020, within one (1) week of the creation of the aforementioned task […]

Mike Stone Sues Russell Moore

https://youtu.be/sPJlkznzFes Following the events of the disastrous decision to forego attorney client privilege, the Southern Baptist Convention has yet another high profile lawsuit filed against it. After receiving a breakup letter from their lawyers, the SBC left itself open to lawsuits. This was the result of SBC21 going in favor of the theological liberals. The […]

Liberal Drift Dominates SBC21: Ed Litton elected President

The heated annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021 concludes the most eventful day with a slew of decisive defeats for the Conservative Resurgence 2.0. All of the anger against Resolution 9 was quickly assuaged when the elites of the SBC gave the messengers the runaround. But the most obvious defeat was the election of Ed […]

The Qanon tactics of the Woke Baptists

The “October Surprise” to take undermine the campaign of SBC frontrunner Mike Stone came in the form of allegations of covering up sex abuse. Mike Stone, a sex abuse survivor himself, denies these allegations. Sex scandal allegations are an audible straight out of the Democrat playbook. It also seems to be the main argument for […]

Endorsement: Randy Adams for SBC President

With the Southern Baptist Convention underway, the imploding denomination is a major proxy for issues at large in all of Evangelicalism. SBC2021 represents a golden opportunity to rebuff the advance of Critical Race Theory in the church. However, Southern Baptist are woefully uninformed as to how bad the condition of the Southern Baptist Convention is. […]

Did Russell Moore plagiarize his own resignation letter?

The Russell Moore saga continues with Russell Moore’s resignation letter to SBC President JD Greear being leaked to a rather low level blog. Russell Moore, the now former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, made waves in the conversation leading up to SBC2021 when his letter to the […]

Mike Stone calls Russell Moore a coward

The contention leading up to SBC2021 keeps getting hotter. Yesterday we broke down Russell Moore’s leaked letter. The former President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission penned an extremely self-indulgent letter praising his work on sex abuse and characterizing his opponents as supporters of child molesters and white supremacists. Since the letter two people […]