Woke Egalitarian Church funded by NAMB

Last week, it was exposed that the North American Mission Board was funding yet another egalitarian church. This one unsurprisingly turns out to be incredibly woke. After being nailed by Woke Preacher Clips, Tom Buck points out how CenterSet Church was a NAMB church plant. The North American Mission Board has been caught funding numerous […]

Did Kevin Ezell back Ed Litton over Al Mohler?

One of the bigger surprises of SBC21 was the emergence of Ed Litton over Al Mohler. The establishment seminary president had a base of support from former students and from elite circles. But it appears that the North American Mission Board was backing a different candidate, Ed Litton. Litton’s strong second place finish indicated just […]

Endorsement: Randy Adams for SBC President

With the Southern Baptist Convention underway, the imploding denomination is a major proxy for issues at large in all of Evangelicalism. SBC2021 represents a golden opportunity to rebuff the advance of Critical Race Theory in the church. However, Southern Baptist are woefully uninformed as to how bad the condition of the Southern Baptist Convention is. […]

Kevin Ezell funded disgraced pastor James MacDonald

Often times with disgraced megachurch pastors, there were several warning signs. For Ravi Zacharias, it was the fact that he was having a sexting affair. For Mark Driscoll’s latest shenanigans, it was Mars Hill, and before that falling out there were several ignored reports about his leadership. James MacDonald is remarkably similar to Mark Driscoll, […]

Did Kevin Ezell bribe JD Greear?

The North American Mission Board is notoriously corrupt on several fronts. In addition to over a decade of financial mismanagement, Kevin Ezell’s ambition to take over state conventions, funding egalitarians, there is a massive real estate scheme going on. The real estate investments of the North American Mission Board have been reported to be extravagant […]

The ERLC receives millions, accomplishes nothing

One of the most obvious scams in Big Eva is the establishment of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, a parachurch organization operating within the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. Within the Cooperative Program, the North American Mission Board is perhaps the largest scam in terms of scale and corruption. However the most […]

Is Kevin Ezell functionally an egalitarian?

Earlier this week it came to the attention of many that the North American Mission Board had assisted a the founding of an egalitarian church, a church that would be in violation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. This church was also affiliated with nonbaptist organizations, most notably the interdenominational Association of Related Churches, […]

NAMB funds egalitarian ARC church

The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has come under a lot of scrutiny as of late for its treatment of state and local level Baptist conventions and general ineffectiveness or misuse of its funds. This is a major focus of Randy Adams who is running for SBC President. However, the practices […]

DarkLinks 42: Alaskan Baptist divest from NAMB

Editor’s note: Evangelical Dark Web has not done a DarkLinks since June. It was decided that this was the best format to explain this story because we wanted to give credit to people like Will Hall credit for their reporting while also providing our own commentary. The Alaska Baptist Resource Network has voted to divest […]

Is Steve Furtick a false teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Both unqualified and a false teacher Preface At the request of one of our readers, we have been asked to investigate whether Steven Furtick is a false teacher. On a normal occasion, we do verdicts in the order in which they were received, but an exception is being made because of multiple […]