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Damar Hamlin: When Prayer Descends to Abhorrent Theater

It was Monday Night Football, a national spotlight shined on the game of the week between two premier Superbowl contenders. On a seemingly routine play, Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin tackled Tee Higgins, rose to his feet and immediately collapsed on the field, suffering cardiac arrest. It was a sight that shocked the world—a player […]

Cleveland PD, not Kansas City Chiefs, in the wrong over Kareem Hunt

The NFL was plagued by its latest woman beating scandal, this time involving star running back Kareem Hunt. TMZ obtained a video of an incident back in February where Kareem Hunt struck a woman. The video is damning. It shows Kareem Hunt rampaging to attack this woman and being restrained by his entourage. He then manages […]

3 reasons Le’Veon Bell made a poor business decision

The Le’Veon Bell Saga finally came to an end. Bell will sit out an entire season in hopes of being the top grossing runningback in the NFL. In holding out, Bell has lost over $14.5 million dollars in revenue. In order for this to be a good business decision, he would need a contract to […]

Reminder: Tech Giants are not Monopolies

There is a lot of disgust aimed towards tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. And why not? These companies are large, incredibly biased, and quite powerful. Their reach is everywhere, striving towards omnipresence. Their influence can sway public opinion, as evident on issues such as Net Neutrality and to reach back for a more […]

#BoycottInNOut backfires bigly

Partisan boycotts are all the rage in our culture that cares little for meaningful conversation and constructive dialog. There comes a time when a company’s practices warrant a response via the denial of our hard earned money. But it appears, In-N-Out, a beloved southwestern burger chain committed the heinous offense of partisan donations. The original […]

Revisiting: The AAF is the NFL’s Newest Worry

I want to revisit an article I wrote for NOQ Report back in March. At this time two football leagues have announced their formation. The XFL and the AAF. In the article I compared the two. Ultimately I concluded that the AAF had a more formidable strategy to carve a space in the football market. The reasons […]

How the NFL can stop and possible reverse the bleeding

Rating declines are no secret. The NFL certainly tries to act like everything is alright, but they are truly lying to themselves if they think that the situation is acceptable.  They have a serious problem. As an entrepreneur, I came up with solutions to help. In case you didn’t realize this. The NFL has two […]

Derek Carr: Money and Influence

With Tim Tebow no longer in the NFL and pursuing a baseball career, there hasn’t been a Christian athlete raised to the same level of popularity and a platform from which to influence millions. But I believe this is about to change. Derek Carr is poised to ascend to the same level of influence and far […]