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Discussing the legacy of Donald Trump and future of conservatism

It’s a strange situation when I find myself the optimist in a situation but that is precisely what happened in reference to Donald Trump in a recent live discussion with my colleague, JD Rucker. When setting out to discuss the legacy of Donald Trump, I did so not to navel gaze but to understand the […]

DarkLinks 28: Dangers of the Sinner’s Prayer

This edition of DarkLinks is a little more gloomy than others. The overall theme is danger. In the first article we feature a cutting perspective on dealing with heretics that the author believes is lost. Next, my colleague JD Rucker over at NOQ Report wrote a reaction to Paul Washer explaining the dangers of the […]

DarkLinks 24: Leftism reigns in the Vatican

With Christmas behind us, there’s a bit of catching up to do on the events we may have overlooked. We begin with two stories from in the world of Catholicism. The first involving an openly homosexual priest. The second is about the Pope’s Christmas message. Both signal darker days in the future for the Catholic […]

NOQ Report: Soros rented evangelicals

After the partisan Mark Galli article, my colleague, JD Rucker the EIC of NOQ Report dug deeper into the Soros connection to not only Christianity Today,  but other organizations as well. Any time the name Soros is mentioned, it sends conspiracy theory signals, but the evidence that Soros is manipulating in the affairs of the […]

NOQReport Why every Christian should study apologetics

JD Rucker, a colleague of mine over at NOQReport, created this video explaining the importance of apologetics for the walk of every Christian. As Christians, this is our calling as shown in the verse provided below. The importance of apologetics is not to take away from the importance of advancing our understanding of scripture or […]

Revisiting: Is Mike Pence to political for church?

I wrote this article for NOQ Report in June 2018 following a speech he gave at SBC. The debate ensuing around that prompted me to write an article on the subject. I want to make it clear that Startup Christ limits is political scope to instances where God’s word is political. As I figure out the scope of […]

Revisiting: The AAF is the NFL’s Newest Worry

I want to revisit an article I wrote for NOQ Report back in March. At this time two football leagues have announced their formation. The XFL and the AAF. In the article I compared the two. Ultimately I concluded that the AAF had a more formidable strategy to carve a space in the football market. The reasons […]