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Ohio Legislature Overrides Mike DeWine’s Veto, Bans Transgendering Children

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine staked his flag in the ground in support of transgendering children by vetoing a bill to finish 2023. A few weeks ago, the Ohio House voted successfully to override his veto. Now the Ohio Senate has followed suit on Wednesday. The vote was 23-9 along party lines in the Ohio Senate.  […]

Republican Governor Mike Dewine Supports Transgenderism In Veto

Governor Mike WeWine has one of the worst reputations among Republican governors. Although he did the bare minimum by signing pro-life legislation that his predecessor John Kasich would not. But overall he was one of the worst Republican governors on Covid, even worse than some Democrats. Despite his RINO reputation, he cruised to reelection. On […]

Stop Hyperspiritualizing Recent Election Defeats

The election defeats on Tuesday were disappointing yet not surprising. I’ve seen many Evangelical leaders hyperspiritualize the Ohio referendum results without looking into the finite details of the race. Their doing of this ultimately promotes a culture of losing down here. But the results in Ohio have a surface level explanation and resolution. As reported, […]

Abortion Wins In Ohio

The results of the Question 1 ballot initiative in Ohio have enshrined abortion in the state’s constitution. The result, as of this publication, is the pro-abortion Yes vote at 55.5% and the pro-life No vote at 44.5%. These results coincide with a gloomy gubernatorial result from Kentucky where Republicans failed to flip the governor’s seat. […]

Max Miller Gets Lizzie Marbach Fired from Ohio Right to Life

Last week, Lizzie Marbach received the ire of freshman Representative Max Miller over a tweet rightfully claiming that “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.” Miller, whose Jewish, believes he on account of ethnicity is the chosen people, when in fact the only thing about him that […]

Republican Congressman Max Miller Attacks Christianity, Takes Massive L

From the state of Ohio, Max Miller is a Republican Congressman. During Evangelical Dark Web’s review of primary elections, our writer noted that Miller was a formidable candidate in the race he was running particularly against one of the Republicans who supported impeachment until he decided not to seek reelection. However, exercising discernment, he wrote: […]

Ohio Primary: Blystone vs DeWine, Renacci Returns, Madison Gesiotto Gilbert

In part one, we observed the Senate Primary that is ongoing in Ohio for its open senate seat. Now, it is time to detail the other pertinent races going on in Ohio. It cannot be understated that name recognition and effort—that is beyond money, are the keys to winning primary elections. Ohio is a political […]

Ohio Senate Primary: JD Vance vs Josh Mandel vs Mike Gibbons

Though the Ohio Primary is not until May 3, 2022, the ball must get rolling as there are several high-profile primary races that will attract nationwide interest. Once the “Mother of Presidents”, Ohio has turned into the Mother of RINO’s, whereby the political machine has engendered a climate of impotence. With such figures as Kasich […]