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Donald Trump Touts Blasphemous, Self-Messianic Video

There is no question that Donald Trump surrounds himself with morally questionable figures. On the religious front, Donald Trump, even within the last six months, touted Paula White as a mentor. Paula White uniquely appeals to those who see Trump as a messianic figure. She posted this video The video in question was made […]

Donald Trump Touts Paula White, Gets Franklin Graham’s Name Wrong At a Hannity Town Hall, Donald Trump was surprisingly asked a good question about his faith and how it had changed since running for President. In 2015, Donald Trump made it clear he never asked God for forgiveness. Since the zeitgeist has confronted Donald Trump, to put it mildly, it is worth asking whether […]

DarkLinks 30: Paula White, Joyce Meyer, and critiquing the pro-life movement

This edition of DarkLinks most certainly has a more feminine bent to it. I wanted to start off with an article on Paula White. We will be gearing to launch a deeper campaign to raise awareness about her soon. Next, and I loved this article, we dive into a scathing critique of the pro-life movement, […]

Prosperity preacher Paula White hired by Whitehouse

The spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump was brought on staff as a Whitehouse adviser. Her specific role will is reported to be advising the Trump administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative that aims to boost the voice of religious groups in certain government programs, The Hill reports. In addition to influencing our President with a false gospel […]

Update: Franklin Graham deletes Prosperity Gospel promotion

Earlier this week, we covered how Big Eva celebrities like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress endorsed Paula White’s newest book which I would summarized as the repackaging of the unbiblical phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” But now we are reporting that Franklin Graham has deleted his endorsement of Paula White’s book. Our original […]

Big Eva supports Paula White’s Prosperity Gospel book

One of the most frustrating challenges for the mission of the Evangelical Dark Web is trusting big names who seek to combat the three heresies we believe to be most positioned to undermine the church Robert Jeffress is perhaps very formidable against the Social Justice Gospel but will sell out on the Prosperity Gospel to […]