Kenneth Copeland, Sean Feucht Bring Cringe To Trump Rally

One one hand, Donald Trump is finally bringing support to a Christian candidate like Doug Mastriano. On the other, Donald Trump lacks discernment in who he platforms to achieve a political end. Aty a last minute rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump hosted a rally bringing Kenneth Copeland and Sean Feucht to the show. Now, Sean […]

Pennsylvania Primaries: Mastriano vs. Barletta, Dellicker vs. Scheller; Ted Bognet

Previously we discussed the Pennsylvania senate race, which recaps the reasons that Christians and conservatives should reject Dr. Oz as well as the quack doctor’s previous infiltration into Big Eva and his recent endorsement from Donald Trump. Pennsylvania is an important state with a republican majority legislature which has fought harder for its people than […]

Why Conservatives Can’t Support Dr. Oz | PA Senate Race Breakdown Outgoing Senator Pat Toomey and his career in Washington could at best be described as a mixed bag. The senator boasts a better Liberty Score than most Republican Senators but could hardly be described as the best or favorite of the senate, lacking the star power of a Cruz, Paul, or Johnson, while also […]