Should we rely on others to defend our own reputations?

There’s a certain science to public relations. If you defend your reputation against every attack, you invite more scrutiny and attackers. If you respond to no attacks on your reputation, the public will assume guilt. There’s a certain balance to this, as it demands one chooses their battles wisely. Punching back at anonymous internet trolls […]

ERLC feigns support for religious liberty as Supreme Court tide shifts.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was perhaps the greatest mercy America has received in 2020. With the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, we have witnessed the single greatest shift in an individual seat in history. And now we are seeing the fruit of this monumental shift. The Bush liberal John Roberts is no longer […]

DarkLinks 40: SBTS scandal & George Floyd

This edition of DarkLinks comes a little late, but the articles promoted are not particularly outdated by this time of publish. First, we start off with continued coverage of the scandal at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We get the perspective of Capstone Report and Sam Jones weighs in on the dissertation written by Dr. Hernandez. […]