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Gay Bible Commentary Endorsed By Pope Francis The Other Paul along with other Protestant apologists have been raising awareness of The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century, even getting the attention of Catholic publications like Church Militant. For the Pope to write the forward of a Bible commentary is a significant ordeal. Although he is not endorsing it ex-cathedra, the […]

DarkLinks 24: Leftism reigns in the Vatican

With Christmas behind us, there’s a bit of catching up to do on the events we may have overlooked. We begin with two stories from in the world of Catholicism. The first involving an openly homosexual priest. The second is about the Pope’s Christmas message. Both signal darker days in the future for the Catholic […]

Pope Francis doesn’t deny accusations of adoptionism, docetism

Over a year and a half ago, we reported on Pope Francis supporting annihilationism, the idea that the unrepentant are not sent to Hell, in one of three concerning news stories surrounding him at that time. The belief which was not denied by the Vatican was the most concerning. The accusation of the Pope believing […]

Pope Francis has no recourse with God for stolen Pachamama idols

The Associated Press reported that Pope Francis while speaking ex Cathedra (as the Bishop of Rome) insisted that the pagan statues of an Amazonian fertility goddess had been placed in a Vatican-area church “without any intention of idolatry,” in an attempt to deny claims of idolatry and syncretism that is taking place. On social media […]

How Churches are called to handle sex abuse

2018 has renewed many problems within the Catholic Church and their handling of pedophile priest, along with other sex abusers. Many Catholics so boldly deflect the issue of sexual abuse within the Church as a problem within God’s universal church, not specifically their denomination. Matt Walsh, a notoriously devoted Catholic wrote this in defense, practically accusing […]

Update: 3 concerning updates on Pope Francis

Early February, I penned an article entitled “3 concerning updates on Pope Francis.” Today, I feel the need to do a followup because one of the stories, Story 1, just received a major update in the past week. Story 1 addresses the Pope’s involvement or lack of involvement in the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. […]