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The Great Awokening Conference to address Popularity Gospel!

JD Hall, Judd Saul, and Aaron Kilbourn headline The Great Awokening Conference in Parker, South Dakota to address the prevalent issue of the Social Justice Gospel and subsequent issues like critical race theory. JD Hall is a part of the Evangelical Dark Web over at Pulpit and Pen. Judd Saul is the director of the upcoming […]

The Evangelical Dark Web

The battle for the soul of the evangelical church in the United States spans across the remaining denominations that have not openly fallen into apostasy. The United Methodist Church was saved by the African delegations from rejecting biblical ministry standards. The Southern Baptist Convention struggles to reject critical race theory. Many denominations have split over […]

The Popularity Gospel of Kanye West’s Sunday Service

For months now, Kanye West has rebranded his reputation as a more spiritual musician after comments about being used by Candace Owens. He has launched a series of concerts he calls Sunday Service. But the concerts contain a plethora of gospel music and a number of collaborations. The Sunday Service has been kept under wraps […]

Why the Prosperity Gospel is still popular

It’s oddly amazing that Christians have spent a lot of time and energy combating the Prosperity Gospel but the question is to what effect. Names like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Paula White-Cain, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, and the entire Trinity Broadcast Network, have been condemned repeatedly by numerous Christian sources. The […]