Discernment Updates: Mike Todd and Priscilla Shirer Verdicts Updated

Evangelical Dark Web is not only a news and commentary website, we also do research on potential false teachers, often at reader request. We wanted to do this with some sort of standard for what constitutes a false teacher. The goal was to due research on teachers that were not low hanging fruit or inspired […]

Priscilla Shirer Prosperity Gospel: Most Watched Sermon of 2021

https://youtu.be/aMXVNUMVAdY Church Leaders, the liberal church growth rag of Ed Stetzer published the most popular sermons of 2021, which primarily featured TD Jakes taking up 8 of the top 10 spots with Priscilla Shirer and David Jeremiah being the exceptions. Shirer would claim the top spot with over 5 million views from a sermon she […]

Mike Todd Spits, rubs it in man’s face during sermon

https://youtu.be/UNTrB4fG7vE The most recent sermon at Transformation Church featured a daring a disgusting sermon illustration that involved Mike Todd spitting and rubbing it in a man’s face as a way to “explain” Jesus spitting in the blind man’s eyes when He healed him. Mike Todd is a highly prominent false teacher of the Prosperity Gospel […]

Tim Tebow returns to the NFL

Tim Tebow is certainly the most iconic athlete to proclaim Christ in the last decade. He stands in direct contrast to Colin Kaepernick, the biggest Social Justice Warrior athlete of the previous decade. Both were running quarterbacks. Both carried with them a level of distraction. And both had highly debatable levels of talent. After being […]

Is John MacArthur’s wealth a real scandal?

It was widely known that John MacArthur was a rich man. Pastoring Grace Community Church and being one of the most influential pastors in the United States undoubtedly comes with wealth from books, broadcasting, speaking gigs, and more. John MacArthur has a diverse portfolio of income streams tied to his brand as a pastor. All […]

Prosperity pastor Mike Todd’s church buys mall for $20 million

2020 has been a massive year for Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church. The release of his book Relationship Goals and gaining an enormous amount of social media clout has evidently brought in a boatload of money for Transformation Church. After the church paid off a $10 million mortgage on its current facility in 6 […]

Social Justice Gospel meets Prosperity Gospel

It’s a common misconception that false gospels are mutually exclusive. The Prosperity Gospel is often viewed as a Republican heresy while the Social Justice Gospel and liberal Christianity at large are viewed as Democrat heresies. Indeed Donald Trump has surrounded himself on multiple occasions with Prosperity preachers, including his “spiritual advisor” Paula White (Cain). And […]

My dialog with a Mike Todd follower

The Evangelical Dark Web reader-requested verdict on Michael Todd has gotten traffic and engagement, much of it from people who hold differing opinions and theology. One reader who is a follower of someone labeled a false teacher responded to our verdict. Rather than bury their argument against our very purpose of a site we responded […]

April 2020 EDW Report

Every month, in providing transparency to our readers about our progress and direction, as well as things that are coming. Today we are reporting that April was our best month ever according to every metric. We were able to build upon trends from the March with regards to search engine optimization. We were also able […]