Farewell JD Hall

JD Hall is certainly one of the best and most influential polemicist out there. I have never been afraid to cite of link Protestia or Pulpit and Pen. The amazing work done over the course of about a decade is without compare given the credence that established institutions have refused his ministry. In truth, JD […]

Can Christians rebrand their way out of censorship?

On August 5th, I wrote about how big tech censorship will ultimately come for all likeminded Christian publications. This was in reference to JD Hall writing about the blacklisting of his site, PNP News (Pulpit & Pen), by Facebook. I concluded that I too must come up with a plan on how to address such […]

Support small church livestream efforts

In a time when many churches are resorting to livestreaming, either under threat of government or on their own volition, as Christians we should help one another. Pulpit and Pen is doing just that. Doctrinally sound churches with with congregations under 50 qualify for a free HD livestreaming web camera to help them get through […]

The other side: Jeff Dornik on Greg Locke at Destroy Social Justice

The Evangelical Dark Web is a mission based platform founded to specialize in combating three major heresies infiltrating the church. We support a decentralized grassroots movement of pastors and laity to combat the three false gospels. The Social Justice Gospel is a cause against where we have many allies. The Gatekeepers Podcast Network, whose work […]

Strawmanning discernment ministries

In this age where solidified elitism has encouraged false teachings to enter the church, discernment blogs and ministries are popular targets. Whether to fit in and or follow their Evangelical Popes, many influencers see the need to talk down at those called into discernment. The inspirational instance for this discussion is a tweet by Richard […]

Why we are right to be skeptical of Kanye’s conversion

This is a topic I have wanted to address for weeks, especially since I documented how the Sunday Service promoted the Popularity Gospel with Rick Wilkerson Jr giving the message that presented Jesus in an idolatrous way, using soteriological passages to convey a message of self-improvement rather than salvation. Since then, however, there has been […]

The Great Awokening Conference to address Popularity Gospel!

JD Hall, Judd Saul, and Aaron Kilbourn headline The Great Awokening Conference in Parker, South Dakota to address the prevalent issue of the Social Justice Gospel and subsequent issues like critical race theory. JD Hall is a part of the Evangelical Dark Web over at Pulpit and Pen. Judd Saul is the director of the upcoming […]

Demise of LifeWay: Changing times or because they peddled heresy?

It’s not the best of times to be a book store in 2019. Amazon crushed much of the competition. Still, Lifeway remained the retail branch of the Southern Baptist Convention until its announced closure of all of its stores back in March. The brand will continue to operate online. The SBC is embattled with confusion and […]