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Southern Baptist Polity Is Dead

It’s been a long time coming. In recent years, it has become obvious that liberal elites control the Southern Baptist Convention, most notably Kevin Ezell. With this hegemony secured, the SBC shifted its posture from woke to wantonly pragmatist. The fiasco of Rick Warren is the prime example of this from SBC22. In 2021, a […]

Endorsement: Randy Adams for SBC President

With the Southern Baptist Convention underway, the imploding denomination is a major proxy for issues at large in all of Evangelicalism. SBC2021 represents a golden opportunity to rebuff the advance of Critical Race Theory in the church. However, Southern Baptist are woefully uninformed as to how bad the condition of the Southern Baptist Convention is. […]

Is Mike Stone the SBC21 frontrunner?

With the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021 quickly approaching, the race to become its President is heating up. The race between Al Mohler, Ed Litton, Mike Stone, and Randy Adams is underway. there is a lot of organization heading into this convention. Mike Stone, who is very active with the Conservative Baptist Network, has […]

Will Rick Warren be kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention?

The downgrade of Rick Warren has been going on for a long time. But certainly in the last year, this decline has accelerated. Rick Warren became a member of the Branch Covidian cult and has been simping for Gavin Newsom, much like The Gospel Coalition in Canada. Moreover, Rick Warren has embraced Critical Race Theory. […]

Russell Fuller nominates Randy Adams to run for SBC President

In 2020, Randy Adams was the primary opponent to Al Mohler in the race for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Looking to finish what was started and subsequently delayed by JD Greear, Randy Adams has accepted the nomination to run again. Russell Fuller was the Hebrew scholar fired by Al Mohler for attempting trying […]

DarkLinks 42: Alaskan Baptist divest from NAMB

Editor’s note: Evangelical Dark Web has not done a DarkLinks since June. It was decided that this was the best format to explain this story because we wanted to give credit to people like Will Hall credit for their reporting while also providing our own commentary. The Alaska Baptist Resource Network has voted to divest […]

NAMB declares war on Randy Adams

Randy Adams announced his candidacy for President of the Southern Baptist Convention back in January up against Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the most powerful man in the SBC. Adams is running on seven planks. And since the time of his announcement, I have reported on him speaking to other issues, […]

Randy Adams continues to speak to needs of SBC

Last month we reported on Randy Adams announcing his candidacy for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. In his announcement were seven planks on which he is running. Plank number three was to value every church. Plank 3 was as follows: Value Every Church – The local church is the body of Christ purchased with the […]

Randy Adams announces candidacy for SBC President

Upon being nominated for President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Randy Adams accepted. Randy Adams is the Executive Director-Treasurer of the Northwest Baptist Convention. This covers the areas of Oregon, Washington, and northern Idaho. That’s a little background. He penned a post on his website, detailing the trouble of the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly with […]