Herschel Walker’s October Surprise

It is that time of the election cycle, where random scandals, often solicitous in nature, arise in the leadup to election day. It is a tradition unlike any other that uniquely exposes the rot within politicians and subsequent corruption of the media. In 2016, it was Trumps audacious claim of grabbing women. Though it was […]

Ghost Megachurches: Even Raphael Warnock Can’t Bring In A Crowd At FWBC

https://youtu.be/xqbl4WrNmYM In this installment in Evangelical Dark Web’s series on Ghost Megachurches, we examine Friendship West Baptist Church, a predominantly black megachurch in Georgia. In the past this series has covered FBC Orlando, a notorious Southern Baptist church, The Potter’s House Denver closing a location, and Salem Baptist Church hiring Charlie Dates to stem their […]

Unpopular Opinion: The Georgia Senate runoff was inconsequential

For the last couple of months, there was a debate raging in conservatism about whether to turn out for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I was reticent on this issue until election night, where I made several comments blaming the Republicans for their own defeat. And while I will call out Raphael Warnock for being a […]

Tony Dungy questions Raphael Warnock’s faith

Perhaps the most Anti-Christian to run for office since Pete Buttigieg is Raphael Warnock who is an avowed false teacher running for US Senate in Georgia. Whereas, Pete Buttigieg existed to troll Christianity with a homosexual Episcopalian, Raphael Warnock’s role has far more to do with being seen as a Marxist “Christian.” This surpasses Joe […]