Is David Platt coming out of the apostate closet? David Platt is certainly having a big year for all of the wrong reasons. His shady practices at McLean Bible Church have been exposed leading to a massive decline in that church. He has even justified his sin from the pulpit. What we’ve observed in the past year is that many of the people […]

PCA protects homosexual elder Greg Johnson In early July, the Presbyterian Church in America passed Overture 23 at their General Assembly. Despite this landmark decisive win against the Revoice Movement, the momentum of this occasion did not lead to the ousting of Greg Johnson, a teaching elder at Memorial Presbyterian Church in the St. Louis area, close to the flagship Covenant […]

Debunking Rachel Gilson on transgender pronouns Rachel Gilson was one of the corrupting influencers of Cru, years ago but has since graduated to making a career in Big Eva with The Gospel Coalition. Her influence on the downfall of Cru is evidence that she is a wolf. In a notorious viral TGC Q&A, Rachel Gilson spends ample time deliberating the […]

Pieter Valk, Revoice, and Side B Christianity Debunked This article is part of the Evangelical Dark Web’s series on Revoice. One of the most prominent ideologs of the Revoice Movement is Pieter Valk, a frequent speaker at the annual conference and the movement. The Revoice Movement teaches that there are three positions that churches can have on homosexuality. Pieter Valk puts it […]

Revoice Conference Goes Full Branch Covidian

The Revoice Conference is mere weeks away and if you were thinking about attending the conference that seeks to soft-peddle homosexuality in the church, you also have to partake in the theater of the Branch Covidian Cult. Last week, Revoice announced its new and updated “mitigation” measures for its attendees. As Paul writes in 2 Timothy […]

Grant Hartley’s Revoice Meme: Can we get a better class of heretic? The Early Church Fathers had to formulate a coherent doctrine of the Holy Trinity and a coherent Christology in response to the false teachings of their day. In today’s time websites like Evangelical Dark Web have to contend for the faith against the effeminate pronouns in bio soy boys, like Grant Hartley. He tweeted this […]

Bekah Mason: The Blue-Haired Feminist Pushing Homosexuality in the Church The Revoice Movement is a horizon threat to mainstream Evangelicalism. What started out in the PCA has swept through other denominations. The Evangelical Covenant Church is one example of a denomination embracing Revoice teaching. However, the founders of Revoice contain a significant presence of Southern Baptist background, which is a clear pathway to influence […]

Ed Litton: The Bible Whispers about homosexuality

Two SBC presidents in a row appear to invoke Jen Wilken’s sentiments on homosexuality, that the Bible whispers about sexual sin. Ed Litton would join JD Greear in this sentiment and a sermon on Romans 1 delivers January 27th, 2020. However, the red flag statement that seemed to have set off the tripwires of the […]

Revoice Conference Exposed: perverting friendship, marriage, and promoting Queer Theory

It’s not exactly hidden that the Revoice Conference has been used to promote homosexuality within the church specifically the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). While the ideas of this notorious conference seem fringe, they do represent heretical ideas that will become mainstream challenges in the years to come, if they are allowed to be. Just […]

DarkLinks 26: Conjured distinctions of Revoice

This edition of DarkLinks promotes Chris Bolt’s series Revisting Revoice, a movement for which we have already issued warnings against some of its speakers such as Grant Hartley. Chris does multiple deep dives on the issues at play starting with the conference’s established need and the distinctions it conjures as it relates to homosexuality. From […]