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Side B Theology Exposed: The Push For More Homosexual Pastors Side B Theology is one of the most pressing compromises in Evangelicalism today. It asserts that homosexual desires and identity are not sinful, in a partial affirmation of homosexuality and transgenderism. Logically, this could be carried over to pedophilia. A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Preston Sprinkle hosting a conference on […]

Homoerotic Christology Headlines Revoice 2024 The Revoice Conference is the most overt attempt to mainstream Side B theology in Evangelicalism. Side B theology teaches that homosexual identity and attraction are not sins. This runs contrary to Christian teaching that sinful desires are sinful, unnatural desires especially. Side B theology also carries over to transgenderism, and the system of beliefs […]

Rosaria Butterfield Calls Out Side B Theology At Liberty University Rosaria Butterfield recently gave a convocation at Liberty University where she took aim at Side B Theology that is rampantly infiltrating the church. The lecture that she gave focused heavily on her personal testimony of how God rescued her from homosexuality. But as she pivots to talking about her book, she takes aim at […]

Revoice Founder, Nate Collins Defends Groomers From Being Called Perverts

The “Pride Month” catalog at Target has led to yet another round of boycotts levied against Target. While we have yet to see how the latest boycott against the liberal retailer will go, the response from the Revoice crowd on this issue is quite revealing. Nate Collins is the founder of the Revoice Conference, a […]

Scott Sauls Scrubs Support For Revoice From Website

On May 8 we reported that the most prominent liberal pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, Scott Sauls, has taken disciplinary action against him for unspecified reasons. Although the admission by Sauls includes suppressing dissenting voices, the subject of this dissent is unknown. Yet Evangelical Dark Web uncovered the fact that Scott Sauls has […]

Pro-Revoive Pastor, Scott Sauls, Placed On Indefinite Leave By Church It’s been a bad weekend for Tim Keller’s prodigies. On Friday, we reported that Joshua Butler, after being ousted from the Keller Center, was made to resign from his church for an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition which angered feminists. Yesterday, it was announced that Pastor Scott Sauls would be placed on […]

Greg Johnson Promotes Homosexual Relationships The Revoice Movement to push Side B theology in the church has many internal inconsistencies. The one underlying consistency is that they believe the physical act of sodomy is exclusively sinful and deny that homosexual desires are sinful. From there, debate abounds about whether homosexuality is compatible with the Christian identity and whether homosexual […]

Greg Johnson’s Revoice Church To Leave The PCA

Greg Johnson is the most controversial figure in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In 2018, Memorial Presbyterian Church would be ground zero for the Revoice Movement. Greg Johnson is a homosexual pastor and the PCA has had numerous failed attempts to oust him specifically. The most recent failed attempt was a ruling in his […]

Exposing Revoice: Grant Hartley Compares Coming Out To Resurrection The Revoice Conference took place earlier this month, and while much of their content is hidden behind a paywall, they occasionally put out a webinar for the public. Last week, Revoice published a panel for “Coming Out Day” which featured Art Pereira and Grant Hartley. Art Pereira was the man pointed out for using […]