Andy Wood Dares SBC To Disfellowship Saddleback Over Female Pastors Rick Warren’s ego is so great, he needed two hireling pastors to replace him. This came in the form of a husband wife combo, Andy and Stacie Wood. At the last two Annual Southern Baptist Conventions, Saddleback Church became a battleground for its ordination of female pastors, which Rick Warren was given free reign […]

Rick Warren Delivers Final Sermon As Pastor of Saddleback Church

On Sunday, Rick Warren would preach his last sermon as senior pastor of Saddleback Church, concluding an era of church growth pragmatism. Earlier this year, it was announced that Andy Wood would take Warren’s place. The rather tumultuous transition process including multiple allegations against Wood and criticism over him interviewing Mark Driscoll is finally over. […]

Pueblo West Baptist Church Leaves SBC Over Pragmatism

After the massive Christian defeat at the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2022, some churches have resolved to exit the Southern Baptist Convention. While Nathaniel Jolly’s Homer Reformed Baptist Church left the SBC over liberalism, Pueblo West Baptist Church summarized its exit as the result of pragmatism. Like many churches, PWBC gave over ten percent of […]

Rick Warren Responds To 4 Year Old Tom Ascol Tweet To Defend Egalitarianism

In the middle of the night, Rick Warren found himself responding to a four year old tweet by Tom Ascol in order to obfuscate the issue of egalitarianism and his ordination of females into the pastorate. Rick Warren early on endorsed Bart Barber for president of the SBC. This came after his church ordained women […]

Andy Wood Is Compromised On Homosexuality The announcement of Rick Warren’s replacement invited scrutiny on both Andy Wood and Echo Church. The first thing that discernment bloggers appeared to have uncovered was his compromised stance on homosexuality. In a sermon titled, “What Does the Bible Say About LGBTQ+? | You Asked For It (Pt. 4)” delivered in April 2018, Andy […]

Andy Wood to replace Rick Warren at Saddleback Church

It has been known for sometime that Rick Warren was stepping down at Saddleback Church. In doing so, Saddleback Church also ordained three women pastors in sharp opposition to its stated Baptist theology. Today, Saddleback Church has announced the successor of Rick Warren, Andy Wood. Andy Wood previously was the senior pastor at Echo Church. […]

Irony: Rick Warren decries hypocrisy, commercialized faith

Perhaps the most influential pastor in the last thirty years is Rick Warren. This is not because of Rick Warren’s theology or teaching. Rather, Rick Warren is a church growth guru and his Purpose Driven Church has been used as a template for building seeker sensitive churches. In the last few years, Rick Warren has […]

David French, Rick Warren endorse Bart Barber. Big Eva is scared of Tom Ascol.

The Southern Baptist Convention has been a proxy for the direction of protestant Christianity in the United States. It’s rather big tent encompassing patriarchal churches with congregational polity, allowing for a diversity of beliefs on soteriology, eschatology, and spiritual gifts. Additionally, it is influential for a major voting block in American politics. Six months ago, […]

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Practices Medical Apartheid Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web found that Redeemer Presbyterian Church was the most brazen of prominent churches in the United States with its implementation of medical apartheid. Redeemer Presbyterian Church is famous for being Tim Keller’s church. However the largest megachurch in the United States broadcasting a medical apartheid is Saddleback Church, the home of […]

Rick Warren calls faithful pastors selfish In the previous article on Rick Warren’s interview with Barna Research Group, a woke industry leader in church data. That video/article covered how Rick Warren was celebrating his woke struggle sessions following the death of George Floyd, while willfully abandoning his church and duties as a pastor. In this continuation, Rick Warren attacks pastors who faithfully kept […]