Ron DeSantis Cleans Up 2nd Annual Eva Awards In Evangelical Dark Web’s year end live stream we count down the year’s biggest stories and host our annual award show in which we highlight the heroes, villains, winners, and losers of the year. The Eva awards are audience participatory and supporters of the Evangelical Dark Web got to vote on multiple categories as […]

Gubernatorial Power Rankings 2022

2022 was a disappointment in the Red Wave that was unrealized, partially due to fortified elections, but a large share of the blame falls upon political malfeasance by the very party who stood to benefit from the intentional mismanagement and vindictive demeanor of America by the Biden Regime. In this second annual installment of Gubernatorial […]

Donald Trump is Saul. Ron DeSantis is David. On the A Mighty Fortified Election Stream, our writer Anthony made the comparison that Donald Trump is Saul and Ron DeSantis is David, referencing the dynamic between the two figures in the Bible. This comparison is more profound when examining some of the details of their relationship. While some on the right are claiming […]

A Mighty Fortified Election In a livestream on the 2022 Midterms, we break down the results as we know them, dive deep into the nitty-gritty of Trump vs DeSantis, and do a review of some dank memes. Many Evangelical Dark Web readers may be unaware of the plentitude of political writing the preceded the founding of this ministry. Included […]

Culture War Pushes Ron DeSantis To Massive Reelection Victory

With many of the results of the 2022 Midterm elections outstanding at the time of this writing, one victory that is going to be the focus of Christians moving forward is the DeSantis reelection landslide in Florida. This is a state that in 2018, Ron DeSantis won by slim margins, nearly losing to a meth […]

God TV backs down, apologizes to Sean Feucht and Ron DeSantis.

Earlier this week, God TV decided to call out a near month old tweet from Sean Feucht in which he affirmatively shared a Ron DeSantis quote. In their post, they accused Sean Feucht of blasphemy. Sean Feucht responded and accused God TV of going woke and seeking the approval of men. Now, God TV would […]

National Review’s Misguided Attack on Ron DeSantis

In the aftermath of Ron DeSantis signing into law a bill stripping Disney of its special status with its Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, leave it to the typical Neoconservatives at National Review to take issue with republican legislatures siding with global corporations with agendas for grooming children. Enter National Review’s Charles Cooke, who […]

Boycotting Disney: Moral Necessity or Self-Righteous Legalism?

In the aftermath of Governor Ron DeSantis signing HB1557, the anti-grooming, parental rights bill derided as being “Don’t Say Gay,” the leftist outrage has been predictably vehement. The demonic gnashing of teeth from the “comedians” hosting the Oscars, to the numerous celebrities on Twitter, to Phil Vischer, who we have discussed before, public school teachers, […]

Phil Vischer’s Effeminate Support of Child Grooming The Florida Don’t Say Gay bill was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, to the outrage of liberals everywhere. The law prohibits teachers from indoctrinating children on sexuality, prohibiting discussion prior to grade four and from there on requiring that any discussion be age appropriate. It has been derided as the “Don’t Say […]

Christianity Today Publishes Soros Lackey Piece Attacking Ron DeSantis

Compromise Today

Apparently not wanting the massive wave of illegal immigrant children to clog the resources of adoption agencies and the foster care system will earn a hit piece from Christianity Today. More interesting, this hit piece was written by the national coordinator of the Evangelical Immigration Table. The EIT is a Soros backed organization, a fact […]