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3 Reasons Why I Am Endorsing Ron DeSantis For those who follow me closely, I have been open on social media and on livestreams that I support DeSantis over Trump. But in the interest of transparency I wanted to make it clear here. This represents my personal opinion and no one else on team Evangelical Dark Web, and this ministry will not […]

Wayne Grudem Endorses Ron DeSantis

Wayne Grudem is one of the most impactful theologians in Evangelical academia, specifically his Systematic Theology and previous work on major issues like female pastors. During the 2020 election, Wayne Grudem spoke out and critiqued John Piper’s article to comfort Biden voters. More recently, Wayne Grudem called on Trump to drop out of the 2024 presidential election. […]

Nikki Haley Flops In One On One Debate With Ron DeSantis

Nikki Haley has never been a good debater whereas Ron DeSantis has, so it was unsurprising how their one-on-one debate at CNN went. CNN, although liberal, was perhaps to the right of Fox News and easily more professional. As soon as the bell rang, punches were thrown between DeSantis and Haley, and there was a […]

DeSantis Promises To Promote Religious Freedom For Persecuted Nigerian Christians

The cause of the Christians in Nigeria is one of the most underreported massacres going on. Judd Saul was also the filmmaker behind Enemies Within The Church. Judd Saul founded Equipping The Persecuted to help assist Nigerian Christians under attack by Muslim terrorists. An Iowa resident, it so happened that Governor Ron DeSantis visited his […]

Iowa Satanic Temple Display Sparks Debate Over Religious Liberty The Satanic Temple display at the Iowa State Capitol has become a national controversy over whether such a display should be allowed, or unmolested, in a government building. The Iowa state legislature allows for displays to be done on a two-week basis. Governor Kim Reynolds called to fight bad speech with good speech while […]

Latest Podcast: 4th Republican Debate, Primary Race Breakdown The implosion of Nikki Haley at the hands of Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy made for a lot of highlight reels in the most entertaining Republican debate so far in the Republican Primary. We talk with the audience about some pressing hot-button issues in the following. Chris Christie paying Trafalgar conspiracy theory Optimal age […]

Nikki Haley Trounced In Fourth Republican Debate

The Fourth Republican Presidential Primary Debate was hosted by Megyn Kelly, the most prominent woman in Conservative Inc. She delivered on her promise for an entertaining debate in which candidates would actually debate each other and not the moderators. Right out of the gate, Ron DeSantis came out swinging at Nikki Haley attacking her record […]

Iowa Kingmaker Bob Vander Platts Endorses Ron DeSantis

Bob Vander Platts is perhaps the most influential Evangelical in politics in terms of benevolence and activism. His organization, The Family Leader has played a key role in the presidential election process and Christian activism. The Family Leadership Summit was the first major campaign event of the 2024 cycle. Last week, The Family Leader held […]

Nikki Haley Gets Burned Going After Ron DeSantis In Third GOP Debate

The Third GOP Primary Debate was hosted by NBC News, and their liberal hosts immediately set the tone that they were going to be more professional than the liberal moderators at Fox News, and exceeded the low threshold. Doug Bergum failed to qualify for the debate, and Mike Pence dropped out. The five candidates opposed […]

Ron DeSantis Defends Life, Wins 2nd Presidential Debate The 2nd Republican Presidential Primary debate featured all the personalities of the prior debate less Asa Hutchinson who is a discount Mike Pence. Donald Trump was absent yet became a target from nearly all the candidates for not showing up, among other things. Fox News hosted this debate and went woke in their questions, […]