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Samuel Sey vs. Andrew Iskar: Alistair Begg and Decades of Faithful Ministry Last week, Evangelical Dark Web broke the story highlighting the September 2023 comments by Alistair Begg advising that a grandmother should attend a gay wedding and give a gift. Within days, this became the prevailing discussion in the online evangelical world, as the comments received reactions from Steve Deace, Owen Strachan, and many allied […]

Samuel Sey Libels Stephen Wolfe

Stephen Wolfe is no stranger to controversy. The author of The Case For Christian Nationalism has many detractors. In our interview with him earlier this month we explored some of the controversy surrounding him. Samuel Sey is one of the up and coming writers in Evangelicalism and has not been shy about calling opponents racist despite at […]

Mid Eva And the Return Of Woke Tactics

The ongoing Christian Nationalism debate has dominated Evangelical conversation in the month of April. The conversation however, has taken some ugly directions that are eerily reminiscent of the previous fight within the church: the Social Justice Gospel. The Social Justice Gospel was a ubiquitous fight in the church but where it is distinguished was that […]