Southern Baptist Convention Receives Breakup Letter From Its Lawyers Ever since the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 was decisively defeated at SBC21, the Southern Baptist Convention’s reputation has sunk, primarily through the scandals of its new President Ed Litton. However, after successfully using the issue of sex abuse as a prop for convention politics, the SBC is now tasked with delivering the outcomes described in […]

Dr. Bobby Lopez on sex abuse in the church and building Christian institutions I’ve long considered Bobby Lopez a challenging voice in Evangelicalism, a man wanting to solve issues and advance the gospel. On Thursday night, Bobby came on the Evangelical Dark Web to discuss a variety of topics including building Christian institution, a goal of the Evangelical Dark Web. In 2019, he was fired from Southwestern […]

Brian Houston indicted for concealing father’s sex abuse

The Hillsong megachurch founder and senior pastor, Brian Houston, was indicted on Thursday in Australia for concealing the child sex abuse of his father Frank Houston. The prolonged investigation commenced in 2019 and relates to events that were made public in 1999 over a man who died in 2004. The Australian government statement reads: A […]

Ravi Zacharias report details adultery, assault, and rape

The eagerly awaited report detailing Ravi Zacharias’s sexual immorality was released by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. The full report can be downloaded here but it’s key finding will be summarized here. The biggest takeaways, I summarize below: Ravi Zacharias engaged in rampant adultery and sexual immorality with no significant indication of repenting of this sin […]

Dr. Robert Lopez SWBTS Updates

This is a collection of some of the original documents as it relates to the coverage of Robert Lopez and his termination that appears to be for sharing his testimony in an essay under a pseudonym. My hope that in reading this, you will be informed of the situation because the longer stuff like this […]

SBC unveils Credential Committee. Is it really a force for good?

A lot of members of the Evangelical Dark Web are skeptical of the Southern Baptist Convention’s unveiling of a online submission form that has the far reaching consequences of kicking out churches. With recent events such as the passing of Resolution 9, it’s difficult to discount these objections to the newly formed committee that presupposes […]

How Churches are called to handle sex abuse

2018 has renewed many problems within the Catholic Church and their handling of pedophile priest, along with other sex abusers. Many Catholics so boldly deflect the issue of sexual abuse within the Church as a problem within God’s universal church, not specifically their denomination.¬†Matt Walsh, a notoriously devoted Catholic wrote this in defense, practically accusing […]