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Cru Exposed: Campus Crusade For Gayness The famous college campus ministry Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ has long gone woke. But what was not previously known was that Cru is affirming homosexuality and transgenderism at an organizational level. Their ministry leader curriculum “Compassionate and Faithful” contains several heretical teachings which have never been brought to light until now. It […]

Calvary Chapel’s Embrace Of Side B Heresy Evangelical Dark Web is one of the foremost outlets warning about Side B Theology and why it is heretical. Jon Harris has also been doing great work on the subject, and he interviewed a former Calvary Chapel pastor, affiliated with the more orthodox Calvary Chapel Association. This pastor left the association over their embrace […]

Is Jonathan Pokluda A False Teacher?

Category 1 Verdict: Jonathan Pokluda is a trendy megachurch pastor who has entertained the heresies of others, but the evidence of being a false teacher is insufficient. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Pokluda has the most active requests. You can make a request here and see our answered […]

Ruslan KD Headlines Pro-Gay, Apostate Conference Ruslan KD is a prominent Christian YouTuber with 564K, which is quite the feat, making him one of the largest Christian commentary YouTubers. Although at many times his theology leaves much to be desired, his upcoming speaking gig raises questions about his commitment to orthodoxy. Ruslan KD is slated to speak at Preston Sprinkle’s […]

Preston Sprinkle Promotes Transvestite “Christian” In Promo

Preston Sprinkle is one of the more dangerous false teachers subverting the church today, in that he has used academic credentials to proliferate Side B Theology in supposedly orthodox circles. Side B Theology asserts that homosexual and transvestite identities and desires are compatible with Christianity. A trailer that is prominently featured on the Center for […]

Side B Theology Exposed: The Push For More Homosexual Pastors Side B Theology is one of the most pressing compromises in Evangelicalism today. It asserts that homosexual desires and identity are not sinful, in a partial affirmation of homosexuality and transgenderism. Logically, this could be carried over to pedophilia. A few weeks ago, Evangelical Dark Web reported on Preston Sprinkle hosting a conference on […]

Lecrae Goes (Theologically) Gay For Lil Nas X’s Blasphemy

The Lil Nas X mockery of Christ escalated this week as his album is nigh, and the lack of discernment on this issue is disturbing. It was quite obvious when teasing his “Christian era” that when he said he was still homosexual and is also a transvestite that there is no genuine faith here. Moreover, […]

Preston Sprinkle Wants Churches To Have More Homosexual Leaders In Webinar

Preston Sprinkle has been one of the premiere subject matter experts used by Big Eva, the shorthand for the Evangelical Industrial Complex, to undermine biblical sexuality and import a heresy known as Side B Theology into the church. Side B Theology teaches that homosexual desires and identity are not sinful. So while the sexual acts […]

Jared Moore Reacts To Preston Sprinkle Debate Side B theology is one of the most pervasive issues facing the church right now, even more so than Critical Race Theory. Side B theology asserts that homosexual identity and attraction are compatible with Christianity. A few weeks ago, Rosaria Butterfield blasted Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and Cru, during a convocation at Liberty University. The […]

A Rare Gospel Coalition Win?


Within Evangelicalism, The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential driving forces of liberalism, especially on sexuality. So when they publish an article that’s based, it’s quite noteworthy. The article titled, “I Love My Transgender Child. I Love Jesus More.” delivers a rare biblical application on this issue from The Gospel Coalition. What immediately […]