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Jared Moore Reacts To Preston Sprinkle Debate Side B theology is one of the most pervasive issues facing the church right now, even more so than Critical Race Theory. Side B theology asserts that homosexual identity and attraction are compatible with Christianity. A few weeks ago, Rosaria Butterfield blasted Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and Cru, during a convocation at Liberty University. The […]

A Rare Gospel Coalition Win?


Within Evangelicalism, The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential driving forces of liberalism, especially on sexuality. So when they publish an article that’s based, it’s quite noteworthy. The article titled, “I Love My Transgender Child. I Love Jesus More.” delivers a rare biblical application on this issue from The Gospel Coalition. What immediately […]

Homoerotic Christology Headlines Revoice 2024 The Revoice Conference is the most overt attempt to mainstream Side B theology in Evangelicalism. Side B theology teaches that homosexual identity and attraction are not sins. This runs contrary to Christian teaching that sinful desires are sinful, unnatural desires especially. Side B theology also carries over to transgenderism, and the system of beliefs […]

Rosaria Butterfield Calls Out Side B Theology At Liberty University Rosaria Butterfield recently gave a convocation at Liberty University where she took aim at Side B Theology that is rampantly infiltrating the church. The lecture that she gave focused heavily on her personal testimony of how God rescued her from homosexuality. But as she pivots to talking about her book, she takes aim at […]

Sean McDowell Peddles Side B Heresy In Andy Stanley Rebuttal Sean McDowell is a popular Christian YouTube apologist with 189K subs on the platform. He recently did a deep dive on the Unconditional Conference hosted at Andy Stanley’s Church. As expected this was a major boon for his channel as the video in question garnered 100K views and the acclaim of Ruslan KD and […]

The Gospel Coalition Promotes Gay Christian YA Novel


In the wake of Side B theology running rampant in the church, The Gospel Coalition is promoting a young adult novel that focuses on a “gay Christian teen” with messaging that bypasses the Christian sexual ethic. TGC Australia promoted the book Colors by Patty Guthrie in a review titled Fictional Representation of a Gay Christian Teen: […]

SBC Books Woke Side B Theologian Rachel Gilson For Women’s Conference The Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2023 is already shaping up to be a showdown over women pastors, but the Pastor’s Wives/Women’s Conference has raised the question of whether the SBC tolerates Side B theology. Side B theology teaches that homosexual attractions are not sin in and of themselves, which is an unbiblical teaching […]

Mike Todd On Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Adultery If we were to do a power ranking of false teachers right now, Mike Todd would consistently be top ten, as the number of people he influences is great, and his theology is terrible. In a 93 minute sermon which maybe has ten minutes of content in it, we hear Mike Todd’s heart on […]

Christian Media Runs Cover For Andy Stanley Every now and then, it’s good to take stock in the victories of discernment ministries. Truth be told, we put Andy Stanley on blast for his views on homosexuality. Andy Stanley would be in a shortlist of pastors most influential pastors in America. Truth be told, I attended a church heavily influenced by Stanley […]