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Evangelical Free Church of America Disciplines Pastor For Opposing Wokeness

In March, Evangelical Dark Web reported on the attempt by top leadership of the Evangelical Free Church of America to defrock a pastor for opposing wokeness. The news from their annual meeting that took place last week is in, and unfortunately justice  and sound doctrine did not prevail. As previously reported, Pastor Jeff Kliewer has […]

Allen Parr Defends Critical Race Theory with Eric Mason

It has been discussed that million subscriber Christian Youtuber Allen Parr is a gatekeeper to real discernment and is thus harmful to his audience, yet the theological issues surrounding Parr go deeper than his tendencies to pet wolves within the church and call them brothers. He is a soft proponent of Critical Race Theory and […]

Woke Preacher: The Gospel Is Justification Through Faith And Social Justice

It’s not every day that woke pastors go verbatim against doctrine. And while the Social Justice Gospel is known to add works to the gospel, its a little more noteworthy when a woke preacher directly juxtaposes their doctrine with the historic Protestant doctrine of justification by faith. James Gailliard of Word Tabernacle Church would come […]

Is David Anderson A False Teacher?

Category 5 Verdict: Wolf in wolf’s clothing   Preface Evangelical Dark Web is a discernment ministry that generally operates by taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. You can make a request here and see our answered verdicts here. However, this verdict was an exception in that it was not reader suggested but was the biproduct of research conducted by […]

Lifeway Survey Pushes Racial Narrative

On February 18, 2022, Lifeway Research released survey results regarding racial diversity in the church. They survey about 1000 pastors across America every four years to study the trends on racial diversity in the church as it pertains to pastoral attitudes. In their article, they clearly exhibit their Marxist bias against Critical Race Theory and […]

Christianity Today’s Black History Month Panel Promotes False Gospel

Compromise Today Christianity Today’s current cover story is of their Black History Month panel discussion featuring woke speakers. While there were many areas of divulgence from the truth in the full discussion, most were run of the mill woke preacher nonsense. However, I did want to highlight and expose an instance where panelist, Noel G. L. […]

Is Tim Keller a false teacher?

Category 4 Verdict: Tim Keller is an enemy within the church. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. Tim Keller currently has the record set for most requests, and due to him leading the field of requests, this investigation into his teachings was undergone. You can make a […]

JD Greear laments Christians leaving his woke church At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, JD Greear gave a chapel sermon bashing his church to an audience of future pastors. The sermon raises the question as to how much Summit Church is hemorrhaging members as a result of JD Greear’s regular wokeness and Branch Covidianism. It’s worth mentioning that JD Greear has a church […]

Anti White: Why The Southern Baptist Convention Calls Whites Anglo The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has been exposed on several occasions for plating woke and or egalitarian churches. It’s leader, Kevin Ezell is the most powerful man in the Southern Baptist Convention and arguably the most powerful figure in Big Eva because the resources he commands alone. The head […]

Josh McDowell is a coward Earlier in September, Josh McDowell made and would later apologize for his remarks about skin color that he made at a conference. But the words he actually spoke attributed disparities to culture as opposed to skin color. This invited hard conversations for people to have, and while Josh McDowell was not 100% right, he was […]