Why so much focus on the Southern Baptist Convention

I’m not a Southern Baptist anymore. I grew up Southern Baptist and left for reasons other than the doctrinal downgrade that is most obvious today. I have since not rejoined, yet have made a habit out of covering this denomination more than others. A reader outside the SBC may find this brand of church politics […]

Common Critical Race Theory Rebuttals Debunked Part 2


The Gospel Coalition is one of the most influential advocates of Critical Race Theory to Evangelicals. While they do not daily write articles brazenly advocating the heretical ideology of Cultural Marxism, their podcast network is far more explicit with the organization’s views. Evangelical Dark Web reported in September, 2020 how The Gospel Coalition unveiled Marxist podcast […]

The Critical Race Theory of Craig Groeschel: Exposing America’s Largest Woke Church

There is no shortage of money and celebrity capital promulgating the Social Justice Gospel into evangelical culture. The many wolves within the church are happily one with the world as it embraces Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism. The largest church in the United States is Life.Church, which has over 100,000 attendees across thirty-five locations. It’s […]

Tim Keller defends Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism)

Tim Keller was a Marxist long before Critical Theory grabbed ahold of the church. This is, in part, because he has been instrumental in the long march through the institutions, specifically the remaining institutions that did not adopt modernism. Usually on Twitter, Keller has vague tweets, but on February 19th, Tim Keller tweeted a nod […]

Is John Piper a false teacher?

Category 3 Verdict: Concerns over John Piper are exceedingly valid, and he should be avoided. Because of the possibility of reasonable doubt, we hesitate to apply the label false teacher. Preface Part of how this Discernment ministry operates is taking in reader questions about prevalent teachers. There were multiple requests to investigate John Piper, and […]

The Reductive Christmas Christology of the Social Justice Gospel


Every year, so it seems, a group of people in Big Eva or apostate circles always use Christmas as an opportunity to advance a political agenda at the expense of the true meaning of Christmas. What may seem like mostly biblically true statements about Jesus are applied in a postmodern context to advance open borders […]

Woke Methodists form new denomination

The plan to take over society by Cultural Marxists is well known as the “long march through the institutions.” In this, every societal institution: government, entertainment, education, sports, corporate America, and even the church has been or is in the process of being taken over by Cultural Marxism. The larger point here is that Marxists […]

Christianity Today laments treatment of Woke Evangelicals

Victimhood must be maintained for those whose moralview is rooted in Cultural Marxism. According to this false religion, there are oppressors and victims. And the victims are good while the oppressors are on the side of evil. With race, the whites are the oppressors, therefore are in need of repentance. So when Woke Evangelicals corrupt […]

Social Justice Gospel meets Prosperity Gospel

It’s a common misconception that false gospels are mutually exclusive. The Prosperity Gospel is often viewed as a Republican heresy while the Social Justice Gospel and liberal Christianity at large are viewed as Democrat heresies. Indeed Donald Trump has surrounded himself on multiple occasions with Prosperity preachers, including his “spiritual advisor” Paula White (Cain). And […]

Jemar Tisby vs Tom Ascol: Two Vastly Different Views on BLM Riots

America is a deeply divided nation and nothing illustrates the two opposing views quite so well as this exchange between Jemar Tisby and Tom Ascol. Jemar Tisby is a woke figure promoting the Social Justice Gospel in largely religious contexts. In stark contrast, Tom Ascol, of Founders Ministry, is one of the leading voices opposing […]