Debunking Justin Giboney and The Gospel Coalition’s Ted Talk


The Gospel Coalition is starting a series of Ted Talks, cleverly called “TGC Talks” with Justin Giboney as the first speaker in this series. Justin Giboney is part of the And Campaign, a rapidly growing woke evangelical political activism organization. The And Campaign supports social justice which includes but is not limited to their version […]

Derek Chauvin and Social Justice Juries

There is little doubt in the minds of many that the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial was intimidated. And there is a multitude of evidence to affirm these concerns. From recent rioting to the high profile nature of the case. Even elected officials from the local level to the President have weighed in on […]

And Campaign advocates lite version of Equality Act

The apostate public policy organization is on a massive growth trajectory, during my last reporting on them. The And Campaign seeks to advocate Social Justice under the guise of Christianity. One of their most prominent policy proposals is called the Fairness For All Act. This is viewed as a compromise that validates religious voices in […]

Woke evangelicals know social justice, not actual justice

The trial process for Derek Chauvin is underway, and one of the most important parts is happening right now. The jury selection is where the prosecution and defense fight to frame the jury to their advantage. The prosecution wants woke people in the jury and the defense wants the blue lives matter crowd to fill […]

Biden reignites White House religious outreach program to advance Cultural Marxism

Among the executive orders of the Biden Regency was the reestablishment of a religious outreach office created first by Bush II. The organization is a bit of a political football. The Trump Administration largely mothballed the organization until Trump tapped renown heretic, Paula White, to lead it in 2019. A recent Biden executive order reclaimed […]

NBA strike is not to change minds but to mobilize communist insurgents

Editor’s note: This was originally published for NOQ Report, however but is also being published here because we need to know what we are up against. Let’s get some facts cleared up. The Black Lives Matter movement is fundamentally Marxist embracing both classical Marxism the economic theory and cultural Marxism, the broadening of the proletariat. […]

DarkLinks 41: Woke Religion

In this exciting edition of DarkLinks we dive into the mass mobilization of the Social Justice Gospel? Is this movement out of the closet? Is it time to consider them not just heretics but pagans as well? These are questions explored in this edition of DarkLinks. We start out with a small excerpt of a […]

DarkLinks 38: Al Mohler fires conservative professors at SBTS

It’s been a long while since the last DarkLinks. But the orthodox grassroots of evangelicalism is up in arms over the disgraceful actions taking place under Al Mohler at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The choice firing of professors most opposed to the declining trajectory of the Southern Baptist Convention paired with he retention of SBTS’s […]

The State of the American Church 2020

In 2018, around Resurrection Sunday, I pondered the question as to whether Christianity was at an all time low in the United States. This was an effort to provide a broader perspective on the history of the church within American history. In 2018, however, the church’s trajectory was hard to predict. I concluded then: Christianity […]

Beth Moore preached ‘happiness’ at Social Justice church

The Southern Baptist Convention went to great lengths to preserve complementarianism. This meant that many egalitarians had to leave. Many of them formed the apostate Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. However, part of the mission of Evangelical Dark Web is to raise our decentralized banners to contend for the faith in this generation’s fight. Beth Moore stands […]