Where I can be found on alternative media

Having a few years of experience trying out alternative social medias, it came about time give others a recon of what’s out there and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each one. MeWe I can be found on MeWe here. MeWe is closer to a Facebook alternative as opposed to a microblogging platform like […]

Origins of the term ‘Popularity Gospel’

As much as my work has contributed to the coining of the phrase Popularity Gospel, I stumbled across an interview that used the phrase, while I was developing my understanding of the phenomenon. Mattie Montgomery was the frontman vocalist for the Christian metalcore band For Today. He published a book earlier this year titled Scary […]

Is the MSM too cozy towards pedophilia?

There have been a number of disturbing stories making the news that begs the question: is pedophilia becoming more acceptable among prominent leftwing media sources? The inspiration for this question comes from an article published by NBC News. The article details online vigilante groups that hunt child predators and shame them on social media while […]

Announcement: New Site

In the first year of this, Startup Christ was on the wrong platform which greatly limited the potential of this website for discovery. In order to grow in Year 2, Startup Christ needs to be on the WordPress platform so that its pages and articles can be shared using Jetpack. WordPress has a lot to […]