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Jared Moore Announces Bid For Southern Baptist President

The race for the president of the Southern Baptist Convention is on as Bart Barber is term-limited. So far Clint Pressley and Mike Keahbone have entered the race, both vying for the liberal bloc of the Southern Baptist Convention. Jared Moore, the author of The Lust of the Flesh, is now joining the race. Jared […]

Four Churches Booted From SBC Over Female Pastors, Sex Abuse

On Tuesday, February 20th, The SBC Executive Committee voted to disfellowship from four churches. Last year, at around this time, the SBC disfellowshipped Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, setting his failed crusade for female pastors in the SBC. This year, the expulsions are less high profile, and only one of the four deals with female pastors […]

Big Eva Rallies For Open Borders Senate Bill

Last month, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention announced its legislative priorities for 2024. Their legislative priorities for 2024 included amnesty for illegal aliens and gun control legislation. The ERLC is the political lobbying arm of Southern Baptists; however, it has long been a tool for liberal activism. While the […]

Mike Keahbone To Be Nominated For Southern Baptist President

The race for Southern Baptist president is heating up, as Bart Barber will be term-limited after serving two terms. So far Clint Pressley has announced his candidacy. This was a long-anticipated move. However, he is not the only man in the race vying for the liberal voting bloc of the Southern Baptist Convention. Perhaps an […]

SBC President Bart Barber Comes Clean About Abuse Narrative Lie Recently, FBC Jacksonville hosted Bart Barber for a Q&A session, where Bart Barber was asked many questions. This is an instance where the president of the Southern Baptist Convention interacted with the pews of conservative Southern Baptists who apparently asked him some pointed questions. In the Q&A, Bart Barber finally admitted what we’ve known […]

Southern Baptist Convention Makes Gun Control And Amnesty Legislative Priorities For 2024

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention serves as a political lobbying arm of the SBC’s Cooperative Program. In theory, it is supposed to represent Southern Baptists’ political interests. In practice, it has capitulated on most issues of substance. It famously opposed pro-life legislation in Louisiana that sought to abolish abortion. In […]

Clint Pressley To Run For SBC President To Succeed Bart Barber

The 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention is shaping up to be a massive showdown with a vacant presidency to be filled and the Mike Law Amendment ratification vote. An SBC insider informed Evangelical Dark Web that Clint Pressley would be nominated for SBC President to carry on the legacy of Bart Baber, and this has […]

David Platt Exposed: Former Members Of McLean Bible Church Documentary Trailer The defeat of McLean Bible Church in court despite spending $1 million on a lawsuit is leading to a massive exposure of the corruption within David Platt’s organization and even the Southern Baptist Convention. Former members of MBC have released a trailer for an upcoming documentary “The Real David Platt.” The treasure trove of […]

David Platt and McLean Bible Church Lose Million Dollar Lawsuit Since 2021, lawsuits have been plaguing McLean Bible Church. Salvador Cordova is a plaintiff in one of the lawsuits and he joined Evangelical Dark Web to talk about their recent victory in court against David Platt’s McLean Bible Church. There are two lawsuits against MBC. The first one involved an election of a slate […]