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Southern Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Pornography

The bad publicity of the Southern Baptist Convention is not going away. After a disastrous annual meeting where the messengers voted against banning female pastors. Now a pastor has been arrested on four counts of possession of child pornography. Jonathan Elwing, the (now former) pastor of Palm View Baptist Church has been arrested. According to […]

Jeff Wright & Michael Clary Discuss How To Save The Southern Baptist Convention The 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention was a disaster and paved the way for the SBC to embrace female pastors, as many of its leaders do. But the fight is not necessarily worth giving up yet. Jeff Wright and Michael Clary joined Team Evangelical Dark Web to strategize moving forward how to recover from […]

Livestream Announcement: Can The SBC Be Saved? Tonight at 9pm eastern, we will have a panel discussion on the Southern Baptist Convention reacting to the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, as well as articulating a future strategy. The panel will feature prominent Southern Baptists fighting for the convention. Support the Evangelical Dark Web By becoming a member of Evangelical Dark Web, […]

Matt Walsh vs The Southern Baptist Convention

One of the overlooked stories that took place during the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention was the ongoing failure of Brent Leatherwood, the head of the Ethics and Religious Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, to conceal the so-called Nashville Tranifestor, the diary of Audrey Haley, the murderer of 6 people at Coventnant School in […]

SBC Elites Celebrate Tolerance Of Female Pastors

Bane once said, “They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.” that is exactly what was said to FBC Alexandria as thousands voted to kick them out of the Southern Baptist Convention while also voting against a ban on female pastors. FBC Alexandria was not booted from the Southern Baptist Convention for having female […]

Dispy Cringe Sermonette At SBC Led by Messianic Jewish Rabbinat

One of the more cringeworthy, and quite frankly blasphemous, things to occur at the 2024 Southern Baptist Convention was a prayer made by Connie Saffle at the close of Session 2 on day 1 in which she invoked John Hagee levels of dispensationalism while invoking, in a most pretentious fashion, various different names for the […]

Protestia’s David Morrill Recaps SBC24 David Morrill of Protestia joined the Evangelical Dark Web on Thursday’s livestream to recap his experience as a messenger to the 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. At the convention he made a motion for a task force to investigate the affects of the MeToo agenda had in harming the reputation of churches in the […]

Clint Pressley Becomes President Of Southern Baptist Convention

After two runoff elections, the Southern Baptist Convention, has their new president, Clint Pressley. Pressley was widely believed to be the North American Mission Board’s preferred candidate. Pressley is the Senior Pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pressley represents the liberal establishment of the SBC helmed by Kevin Ezell who is […]

Liberals Thwart Effort To Ban Female Pastors At Southern Baptist Convention

The 2024 Annual Southern Baptist Convention had its seminal vote this morning where it voted on whether or not to ratify the Mike Law Amendment. The amendment would deem churches with female pastors not in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention. The vote to ratify failed. Outside the Southern Baptist Convention were protesters supporting […]