Ronnie Floyd resigns from SBC Executive Committee

The unforced implosion of the Southern Baptist Convention by forgoing attorney client privilege has decimated the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention leading them hemorrhaging one of their most influential members, Ronnie Floyd, a former convention president and the CEO of the committee. This comes after the lawyers for the Southern Baptist Convention sent […]

Southern Baptist Convention Receives Breakup Letter From Its Lawyers Ever since the Conservative Resurgence 2.0 was decisively defeated at SBC21, the Southern Baptist Convention’s reputation has sunk, primarily through the scandals of its new President Ed Litton. However, after successfully using the issue of sex abuse as a prop for convention politics, the SBC is now tasked with delivering the outcomes described in […]

ERLC defends death row inmate’s religious liberty before their own churches

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has routinely been criticized for failing to live up to its own name. However with regards to one Texas inmate facing execution, the ERLC decided that religious liberty was an issue worth fighting for. According to Christian Post, the ERLC teamed up in an interfaith […]

The Ed Litton Sermongate Insurgency Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal is not going away, much to frustration of many elites in the Southern Baptist Convention. Their hope to have a credible pastor pull Evangelicals to the left on salient issues was undermined from the beginning with his scandals on partialism, egalitarianism, and most simplest to understand, sermongate. Ed Litton resolved […]

Ed Litton Defends Liberal Resurgence of SBC The president of the Southern Baptist Convention went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to have a public conversation with its president, Adam Greenway. Through the technical difficulties they managed to address salient topics such as Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal, Litton’s breakdown of the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, and Ed Litton’s thoughts on […]

International Mission Board Imposes Vaccine Mandate

The International Mission Board is likely the most esteemed Cooperative Program institution left in the Southern Baptist Convention. Because much of it’s activities are overseas, not as much news gets out about this organization as does its domestic counterpart, the North American Mission Board.  the International Mission Board via the Baptist Press, the denominations PR […]

Al Mohler Finally Addresses Ed Litton’s SermonGate Scandal Ed Litton’s emergence over Al Mohler to become president of the Southern Baptist Convention came as a surprise to many, but it sealed the liberal drift of the once conservative denomination. But shortly after, Ed Litton’s serial plagiarizing came to light. Now, Al Mohler has remained reticent up until a recent Q&A session where […]

Does Ed Litton finally come clean about Sermongate? After the disastrous Annual Southern Baptist Convention, Ed Litton’s presidency continued the course with his numerous scandals. Among these are his church’s faith statement, his past egalitarianism, and most well-known, his rampant plagiarism of other sermons commonly referred to as sermongate. Ed Litton recently joined the Not Another Baptist Podcast to discuss food and […]

SBC Elite Willy Rice A Client of Docent Research Group In the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, Willy Rice gave the convention sermon, an honor bestowed upon elites in the Southern Baptist Convention. And predictably he used the pulpit to snipe at ecclesiastical opponents, those who oppose Critical Race Theory. He also simped for Beth Moore, as previously covered on Evangelical Dark Web. […]

Beth Moore vs Lottie Moon

At the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021, Willy Rice gave the convention sermon. And while he used his bully pulpit to talk down on the grassroots, he received numerous rounds of applause by the convention floor and on social media afterwards. While he denied that Critical Race Theory was a real problem, furthermore denying […]