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Court Ruling: SBC Loses Autonomy Argument Because Of Bart Barber

The Southern Baptist Convention has a flurry of lawsuits threatening its financial stability. This resulted in the announcements of layoffs last week to the Executive Committee staff. This week, a devastating blow came to the legal defense of the SBC and its affiliated churches when a South Carolina court denied the motion to dismiss in […]

Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee Announces Layoffs

Last month, Willie McLaurin, interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention resigned in disgrace after being caught lying on his resume. The SBC Executive Committee announced his replacement would be none other than Jonathan Howe, their propagandist. Yet the struggles of the Executive Committee which represents the messengers while the convention […]

Bart Barber Appoints Liberal Committee To Protect Female Pastors In SBC At the Annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2023, the Southern Baptist messengers passed an amendment to add a provision to the SBC constitution a clause about churches with female pastors being not in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, in what was known as the Mike Law Amendment. However these same messengers also […]

Woke Hall of Shame: Steve Gaines George Floyd Struggle Session

Like too many pastors in the aftermath of George Floyd’s martyrdom, they took to the pulpit and debased themselves on the racial Marxist agenda, placating aggrieved blacks and implementing Critical Race Theory from the pulpit. Today’s throwback is Steve Gaines, former SBC president and Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis whose sermon was given […]

Wokeness Launches Counteroffensive In SBC Recent events at in the Southern Baptist Convention have sent a clear signal that wokeness is not done marching through its institutions and after what seemed like a pause, Critical Race Theory has a renewed offensive in the largest Evangelical denomination in America. In 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention would fail to condemn Critical […]

SBC Propagandist Named New Interim Executive Committee President

Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that Willie McLaurin resigned as interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention following the revelation that he lied on his resume. The SBC has since announce McLaurin’s replacement as it continues to search for a long term replacement to Ronnie Floyd who resigned in 2021. Willie […]

NAMB 2022 Ministry Report: $63 Million Stock Market Losses and SEND Relief Expansion

Last month, the North American Mission Board finally released their 2023 Ministry Report in which they give an account for their operations for their Fiscal Year 2022, which ended on September 30, 2022. Previously, the NAMB 2022 Ministry Report detailed just how much of a financial institution NAMB was operating as with over $200 million […]

JD Greear Comes Out As Functionally Egalitarian JD Greear was the liberal Southern Baptist President who served from 2018 to 2021. He was the leader during the height of the convention’s most overt woke moments, even partaking himself. Yesterday, Evangelical Dark Web reported that the Southern Baptist Convention was setting up a race narrative to defend the resurgence of women pastors […]

SBC Prepares Race Narrative Over Black Churches and Female Pastors The major accomplishment over the passage of the Mike Law Amendment which would specify in the Southern Baptist Convention constitution that churches with female pastors would not be in friendly cooperation with the SBC is going to be a heated battle as after passing in 2023, it will need to be ratified in 2024. But […]

Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church Leaves The SBC The Annual Southern Baptist Convention saw Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church kicked out of the convention in spectacular fashion. The ripple effect of that vote has had massive consequences on the perception of the Southern Baptist Convention. Now, Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church has announced its departure from the SBC. Elevation Church was the largest church […]