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There is no recourse to be found in the Supreme Court

Churches only have a finite amount of resources, and hiring lawyers to argue before judges on issues the government has no authority is a poor allocation of those resources. The government has no authority to bar churches from gathering, impose dress codes on congregants, ban singing, or any ordinances prescribed by God. Yet majority of […]

3 Reasons why Grace Community Church losing their appeal is good

Over the weekend, Grace Community Church won in court against Los Angeles County only to lose the appeal prior to their legal struggle. This comes in their legal struggle in an effort to hold in person worship services amidst Gavin Newsome’s power trip. But do not be deceived by my headline. I am in full […]

Jack Phillips returns to the lion’s den

There comes a time in the course of a Christian business where one has to chose to remain steadfast in their walk with Jesus or to conform to the world. Jack Phillips endured the lion’s den in the form of a hostile Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Jack Phillips became famous when a gay couple demanded […]