Idaho legislature passes Texas-style heartbeat bill

In 2021, Idaho passed an anti-abortion law that prohibited abortion once a heartbeat was detected that awaits pending litigation in order to be enacted. Additionally, Idaho is adopting the private enforcement mechanism seen in the Texas Heartbeat Law. The Texas heartbeat law has had a demonstrable impact in slashing the infanticide rate in the large […]

Texas Heartbeat Law and Abortion Arbitrage

In 2021, the passage of SB8, or the Texas Heartbeat Act, was a marked victory for the pro-life movement, attracting the rage of all the right people while advancing the pro-life, that is abortion abolition, movement beyond what even the Mississippi 15-week ban would do. The temporary stay at the Supreme Court represents could possibly […]

Allen West, Wesley Hunt, and Monica De La Cruz: In Depth Texas Primary Analysis

March 1st might be a month away, but it is prudent to sound the alarms for the upcoming Texas Primary. Unfortunately, the primary process often goes ignored or overlooked as too many think “their guy” and the “Magic R” will Make America Great Again. So let us late the time to explore the various primaries […]

Why Christian Taliban is a powerless insult At the moment, the word Nazi is out of style in favor of comparing Christians to the Taliban following both their successful blitzkrieg reconquest of Afghanistan and the enactment of a heartbeat personhood bill into law in Texas. While  The Taliban were a worthy adversary Islam and Christendom have been at odds for several centuries on […]

Prominent SBC Megachurch Powered By Docent Research Group

This article is part of Evangelical Dark Web’s series called Docent Dumps where pastors and churches who use Docent Research Group are being exposed. This article exposes Bob McCartney of First Baptist Church Wichita Falls, Texas as a client of Docent Research Group. Origin The Ed Litton plagiarism scandal has revealed just how vast and […]