Jesus Grew Up in Egypt? | The Chosen Ep. 6 Indescribable Compassion Review In the sixth episode of The Chosen, the directorial liberty taken with filling the gaps in the four gospels reaches new heights. However, the sixth episode titled, “Indescribable Compassion” fails to deliver anything close to what could be considered a compelling narrative. The episode is bookended by two miracles: Jesus healing a leper and […]

Possible Mariolatry, Definite Feminism The Chosen Ep. 5 The Wedding Gift Review In the fifth episode of the first season of The Chosen, we see further decline in the immersive experience of ancient Judea. The episode titled, “The Wedding Gift” centers around the Miracle at the wedding in Cana, where Jesus turns water into wine. In the episode we see some hints towards a strong Catholic […]

The False Teaching of The Chosen Ep. 4 The Rock On Which It Is Built The Chosen’s 4th episode, “The Rock On Which It Is Built” may be the worst episode yet, not from an entertainment standpoint but from a biblical standard for sure. After episode 3 which appears to be the high water mark of the series, depicting a noncanonical event in what I saw as a faithful […]

The Chosen Ep. 3 Jesus Loves The Little Children Review The third episode of The Chosen is where I have been assured that the show is good. And for what it’s worth the third episode easily surpasses the former two in quality and storytelling. The episode is called, “Jesus Loves The Little Children” and is aptly named. This episode stood out because it is […]

The Chosen Ep. 2 Shabbat Review Evangelical Dark Web’s series review of The Chosen continues with episode 2, “Shabbat.” To read or what the review of episode 1, click here. Episode 2 picks up where episode 1 leaves off and inches the ball forward. In a 38 minute long episode minus credits and intro, not much happens. While episode 1 […]

The Chosen Ep . 1 I Have Called You By Name Review The Evangelical Dark Web is finally embarking on a review of The Chosen, a product of Angel Vision and the Mormon Church that has captivated so many, becoming the most successful crowdfunded show of all time. In this article/video will be a review of episode 1, “I Have Called You By Name.” With so […]

The Chosen Promotes Levi Lusko

Perhaps the biggest platform in Evangelical subculture or even American Christianity at-large is The Chosen. The Chosen is an attempt to tell the story of Jesus and his disciples establishing larger backstories through a television medium. It’s a viewer funded program that has achieved more views than your average hit TV show with little if […]